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Best Blog Tools - Different Basic Tools to Maintain Your Blog

With the help of different blog tools, setting up your own blog is now a fairly simple task. Blog sites and other websites are now offering a variety of tools and accessories available to bloggers. Most of these tools and accessories need only the basic knowledge of using a web browser, but other to

Blogging Tips - How to Be a Better Blogger and Build a Better Blog

With millions of blogs on the Internet, it is easy to go unnoticed. If you are to start a blog and then abandon it a few weeks from now, this article is not for you. If you are serious into blogging, you can get tips to build a better blog and become a better blogger yourself in your journey.

How Blogging Can Benefit You Financially

The blogging craze started a while ago and everyone took to it like wild fire.Blogging has become more than just a way of sharing your experiences with others but has also become a way of earning an income online.

How To Make More Money With Your Blog

Blogs are an ideal way to share personal opinions and to share information about products and services. Here are 5 ways in which you can extract more income from your blog even if you have no marketing experience.

Tips on Starting Out With Tumblr Blogging

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that emphasizes sharing Web content including links, quotes, videos and music. The service has become one of the most used blogging platforms on the Internet, thanks in large part to the intuitive interface that allows a user to quickly post updates from his compu

Set Up Your Own Blog Free

I've received a lot of email lately from people asking how they can set up their own blogs for family, friends, or business purposes without spending much money or hiring an expensive programmer or web developer.

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Your Blog

This article presents simple steps for embedding YouTube Videos on your blog. This should be especially helpful for new and old bloggers alike when trying to set up video on a blog.

5 Blogger Quick-Tips

5 Quick Tips on how to keep a Blog interesting and keep first-time readers coming back for more. Make some list articles, like this one! Come up with a list of facts, tips, or links that people will enjoy and put them into a post!

The Single Reason Most Bloggers Fail While Others Discover Massive Success

Here the thing; a blog is simply a tool which can play a significant role in a sales process as long as it is supported by building a successful online marketing system. Without internet marketing, even the best and most informative blog ever will have difficulty being seen by its target audience.

Is It Okay To Post Someone Else's Article On Your Site?

New affiliate marketers aren't always sure what's okay and what's not, especially when it comes to using someone else's content on your site. They see it done all the time, but they may not be aware of when it's appropriate and how it should be done. Here are some things to

How to Be an Effective Blogger

Blogging takes a lot of dedication. You also will need to have some interest in the subject of your blog. There are many day to day tasks that you will want to perform so that your blog does not become dated or stale. Whether you are blogging about cat behavior, or the history of the world, there ar

Discover the Best Blog Traffic Technique

There's a great deal of discussion around how to bring qualified and targeted traffic to your website. In fact, so much that after a while one's eyes tend to glaze over and you wonder what you 'should or should not' do. So we thought we'd try to simplify it for you by offeri

Should I Have a Blog? 10 Reasons Why I Think You Should

I think everyone who is in business should have a blog!When I visit websites and see that they have a blog, I pop on over and take a look - it's really interesting to see what people have to talk about on a daily basis!So should you have a blog?Yes!And here's why.

Sblog - A Simple Blog That is Easy to Install and Use

Introducing sBlog a simple to use and install blogging tool which supports RSS syndication, trackback and ping.sBLOG is a web log written in PHP, using MySQL as backend data storage. There is an installer-script to ease installation.

Can You Make Money Blogging? Absolutely!

This article will answer the question, "Can you make money blogging?" The short answer to this question is yes. Blogging has rapidly gained popularity among internet users.