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Legal Effects of Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprints have been used in America to identify criminals since the late 1800s.Fingerprint crop image by Andrew Brown from Fotolia.comEver since 1882, when Gilbert Thompson first used his fingerprints to guard against forgery on a document, America has been using the arch and loop...

The Native American Arts & Crafts Act

The United States established the Indian Arts and Crafts Act to prohibit the sale of arts and crafts items labeled as genuine North American Indian items if the items were not actually made by Indians. Under the act, the Indian has to be a registered member of a state or federal tribe or have certif

Toronto Stock Exchange Rules

Learn the rules for the Toronto Stock Exchangestock image by Michael Shake from Fotolia.comA healthy stock exchange is one of the backbones of a powerful and thriving economy. Most countries have a stock exchange to allow for the sale and transfer of stocks, bonds, and other securities. ...

The Disadvantages of Limited Liability

Limiting you liability is often the primary concern when deciding on which business form to use. By limiting liability an owner can avoid the risks of being personally liable for the firm's debt, contracts and obligations beyond the amount that they personally invested. Moreover, the...

Does a Bankruptcy Discharge Help a Short Sale Get Approved?

A short sale is a compromise between a lender and a borrower over a mortgage that is not being paid off. Instead of using a foreclosure, the lender agrees to let the borrower sell the house on the open market and use the proceeds to cover the mortgage debt. The lender is deeply involved in this proc

How to Set up an LLC in Massachusetts

Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Massachusetts can form a limited liability company, or LLC. One reason for starting an LLC is protection against personal liability for an LLC member who is not personally at fault. Additionally, an LLC does not have to pay the corporate income tax

Filing an Emergency Petition

It is always dangerous to forgo legal consultation when filing an emergency petition. The emergency petition begins bankruptcy proceedings even if you do not have all of the necessary documentation available; consulting a lawyer first only helps the process. Know your rights. Start the emergency ban

Types of Bankruptcy Filings in Wisconsin

Wisconsin provides an additional bankruptcy option.Wisconsin state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comBankruptcy laws were authorized by Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution; therefore, consumer and commercial bankruptcy filings are handled...

Canadian Small Business Financing Act

The Canada Small Business Financing Act, which was enacted in 1999, increases loans for the establishment, expansion, modernization and general improvement of Canadian small business. Through the act, banks and lending companies are given incentives to make financing available to small businesses.

About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Sometimes, debts can become overwhelming.If you are new to the concept of credit, or have just let your bills get out of hand, then you may find yourself facing a frightening financial situation that only worsens as the days pass.Fortunately, however, there is a method you can use to escape your mon

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy is a kind of legal status and not all people can file for it. To know if you are qualified to file for bankruptcy and to understand issues regarding this kind of legal status, a bankruptcy

Information About Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona

One can do the whole process alone but can also be done through the help of a lawyer. Submission of a petition is also part in filing for bankruptcy. One will be required a standardized form if a lawy

Rules of Bankruptcy for LTD Companies

A company could file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcybankruptcy 2 image by Sorin Alb from Fotolia.comIf you have set up your business as a limited liability company, the law makes a distinction between your personal property and the assets of the company. Creditors of the company...

Do It Yourself Bankruptcy Kit

Declaring bankruptcy is a huge decision to make, made more difficult by the prospect of hiring an attorney for fees you cannot afford. Some lawyers work pro bono, but they often are so backlogged with cases that their wait time can be up to a year. Bankruptcy law can be complex, but if your situatio

How to File for Bankruptcy After a Lawsuit

After you are successfully sued, you may need to file bankruptcy if you cannot pay the debt. Successful lawsuits can lead to garnishment of your wages. Whether you were sued for a consumer debt such as a credit card or a personal matter, filing bankruptcy will automatically stop the person who sued