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How to Buff With a Foam Pad

Washing and waxing a vehicle is one of the best ways to protect the finish and ensure that it maintains an attractive appearance for many years. There are many types of pads on the market to assist with the task of applying wax and buffing to a shine. Some pads are made of microfiber, lamb's wool a

How to Remove a Z3 Climate Control Knob

The climate control knob in a BMW Z3 coupe is made from hi-impact, ABS plastic. It is attached to a metal spindle that protrudes from the center of the climate control switch. The climate control knob is not held in place by glue or adhesive. A self-retaining locking clip inside the knob is pressure

Maneuverability Test Tricks

The maneuverability section of the driver's license test in many states is the part of the test that new drivers particularly dread. Not only are their skills challenged, but they are overseen by an often-unsmiling test administrator in the passenger seat, busily checking off boxes on her clipboard

How to Look for Wear or Cracks on Belts in a Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler Town & Country came out in 1990. It's a "family van," and many Town & Country owners prefer to perform routine maintenance checks themselves. As part of this maintenance, inspect the drive belts that run your engine components. Chrysler suggests you perform this inspection every 15,000

Corporate Driver Training to Reduce Liability

There are many ways to learn driving. One can learn one oneself or opt for driving schools. For more smooth driving lessons it is good to go for driving schools. Individual driving lessons are a ...

How to Drive With a Broken Wheel Stud

Wheel studs are an important component of a car's hub. Your car's wheels are bolted onto these studs. Without the studs, the wheel will fall off. Occasionally, one or more wheel studs can get damaged or even break. Though this is not a catastrophic situation, it can be quite dangerous, since the whe

The Learning to Drive Experience

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many young people. The ability to control when and where we go is a freedom that many teenagers can't wait to get. Of course, before we ...

Car Safety Seats History

Car seats save the lives of millions of children every day. The concern of serious force trauma injury and the consequences to a child's development after a head injury is what inspired the invention of car seats. In the past 50 years, the design and safety aspects of car seats have improved signifi

How To Contract With Progressive

With the advent of online auto and home insurance, the entire insurance market has changed, with companies providing 24-hour assistance, up-front rate quotes and competitive pricing across the industry. Progressive is one of the online insurance companies that has streamlined the business model to p

How to Park at Midway Airport Chicago

Midway Airport is the lesser-known airport in Chicago, the other being O'Hare International Airport. Midway is more convenient for Chicagoans as it is much closer to downtown Chicago. The smaller size makes Midway less hectic and a more relaxed airport for flying. The airlines that fly out of Midway

How to Disable an Airbag in a 1996 Jeep Cherokee

The airbag in your Jeep Cherokee is an important safety feature. If your car is hit or hits another car or object, the airbag opens up and can save your life. There are good reasons to disable the airbag, for example, to install a baby, car seat in the front passenger side or to do car repairs that

Rigid Clutch Vs. Spring Clutch on a VW

Volkswagens produced after 1973 have diaphragm, or rigid, clutches while earlier models have coil spring clutches. In general, rigid clutches last longer and function more reliably due to their fewer moving parts, but there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of both that should be consider

I Don't Need to Worry About That."

"My fragrance makes enough, I don't need to worry about that." It's been 10 years since the Paris Hilton Sex Tape with her boyfriend Rick Salomon released then and only time the reality star claims ...

How to Install a Turn Fin

A turn fin is a control surface installed on radio-controlled hydroplane-style racing boats. A fixed, metal or carbon fiber turn fin mounts on the rear of the boat at the inside edge of the left or right sponson -- one of the twin outrigger planing surfaces common to hydroplane design. Installation

How to Manage Traffic Congestion

With the development of faster cars and the addition of more drivers on the roads, navigating heavy traffic and avoiding accidents has become a necessity in most driver's lives. A few basic strategies can help keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe while dealing with traffic congestion.

Safety of a Mercedes C-Class

The C-Class is among the best selling models of Mercedes and has a long list of safety features, including: Electronic Stability Program, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, advanced tire pressure monitoring system, active front head restraints and advanced body structure. The vehicle has nine airbags.

D1VE Engine Block Specifications

The D1VE engine block was a part of automotive history. Ford produced the engine for their 385-series engines in the 1970s. This engine series was known for its high output and powerful design, and Ford used the engines in sport cars and trucks. Ford produced the D1VE engine block after the C8VE and

Dangers of Spring Driving

Spring showers and flowers are often joined by a handful of seasonal driving hazards. Find out what to avoid, and use our spring-driving tips to get you and your car safely to summer. Why spring ...