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Places to Buy Car Window Paint

Car window paint is used to decorate car windows. You might write "Just Married" on the back of the car window, or you might decorate your side or back windows in your school colors, with your sports team name or numbers. You might also proclaim things like "State Bound" or "Good Job." It...

How to Check Freon Levels in an HVAC Unit

Freon is a refrigerant that is no longer used in automobile air-conditioning systems. Vehicles made before 1990 may still contain freon in the HVAC unit. If you suspect that your A/C is not working properly or you would just like to check the freon levels, a simple gauge that can be purchased at any

Popular Tools for Mechanics

Mechanics use certain tools every day, from complex analyzers to simple tools such as screwdrivers and socket wrenches. Each of these tools is important--you need a screwdriver to fix the problem diagnosed by an engine analyzer, for example.Simple ToolsThe most important tools a mechanic...

How to Remove the Driver Side Marker From a Focus

The side marker lights of the Ford Focus are accessible from the underside of the vehicle, just ahead of the front tire. The marker lights are mounted in the car's front bumper cover, just below the mounting point between the fender and the bumper cover. The bulb must be removed before the marker li

How to Troubleshoot a '95 Honda Civic SI

The 1995 Honda Civil SI has three different engines, all four cylinders with single-overhead cams and multiport fuel injection: 1.5-liter, 1.5-liter VTEC and the 1.6-liter VTEC engine. All three engines are fuel-injected. Several things could go wrong with several systems, including the starting sys

How to Add Transmission Fluid to a 1995 Toyota Tercel

Adding transmission fluid to any vehicle is neglected more often than most other types of vehicle maintenance tasks. Most people only think about it after their car stops shifting. This also holds true for the 1995 Toyota Tercel. Adding fluid is much easier than draining and refilling it. If you oft

How to Change Light Bulbs in a Car

Changing a light bulb in your automobile is a straightforward and simple task. Whether it's a headlight or fog light, the process is much the same. In most cases, you just remove a plastic covering behind the light assembly, remove the old bulb and insert the new one.

How to Remove a Headrest from a Ford Edge

The Edge is a mid-size crossover SUV that made its debut in 2007. The Edge is built and sold by Ford Motor Company. The Ford Edge and its Lincoln counterpart, the MKX, are built in Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, removing headrests from the Ford Edge is not as simple as in other vehicles. Most vehic

How to Repack Dirtbike Mufflers

Unlike the series of baffle plates and tubes used by most street-ridden motorcycle mufflers, dirt bike mufflers employ a perforated inner core tube wrapped in a consumable fiberglass mat called packing, to reduce the dirt bike's exhaust noise. Over time, the packing deteriorates as the heated exhaus

How to Get Water Spots Out of Car Paint

Water spots on cars happens when the paint gets slightly oxidized due to the natural elements, including heat and water. These spots can destroy the pristine look of your car, but they are easily remedied with a quality swirl polish. When polishing cars, you should begin with the least abrasive poli

How to Convert Your Car to LPG

Converting your car to liquefied petroleum gas is a great way to green your car, however it should not be undertaken lightly. This process requires extensive work on your car and should only be done by a professional car mechanic. Improper installation can ruin your car and possibly cause it to bur

How to Test an Ignition Control Module

The electronic ignition control module is a solid state "On/Off" switch for the ignition system. The module receives a signal from a sensor inside the distributor. The signal is then used to fire the ignition coil creating the energy for the spark plugs. The ignition module may be located inside the

How do I Reset the Tire Pressure on a 1997 Corvette?

The 1997 Corvette is equipped with a DIC, referred to as the Drivers Information Center. This system monitors the status of several systems in the car, including the tire pressure sensors. The control for the DIC is found on the right side of the instrument cluster with the IPC display just below

5 Great Winter-Biased All-Season Tires

The idea of all-season tires is always a compelling one. Having tires that can be kept on your car year-round, that work well in both the winter and summer is generally a whole lot easier and cheaper than switching between winter and summer tires. The thing is, the requirements for tires designed fo

How To Possess The Functional Projector HID Kits For Upgrading Headlights?

Projector head lamps are considered as the most economical way to upgrade any aftermarket headlights. HID Xenon or projector lights are known for rendering maximum performance, functionality and lighting output. Compared to typical HID bulbs, special designed projector HID Kits ensure proper fitment

The Quality of Overseas Engine Parts

Learn how the loss of domestic engine part manufacturing has impacted local automotive machine shops in the United States. Also discussed in this article are specific instances where quality control problems have been discovered in engine blocks coming from producers abroad.

How to Replace a Battery in a Subaru Remote Car Door Lock

Subaru, a Japanese auto manufacturer, has been selling vehicles in the United States since 1968. The company has introduced several popular vehicles, including the Outback, Legacy and Impreza over the years. Like most brands, Subaru uses the same keyless-entry remotes between vehicles. The 1999 to 2

How to Paint a Fiberglass Boat Hull

A small chip or crack in your boat's hull can quickly cause your boat's entire paint job to be compromised, as water can get in-between the paint and your boat's fiberglass hull, causing it to bubble and crack. Adding a fresh paint job to your boat will give it a like-new sheen, making it more eye-p

How to Clean the Oxygen Sensors in a Lexus SC400

Oxygen sensors are placed in the exhaust stream of an automobile, such as the Lexus SC400. The sensors sample exhaust gas and provide this information to the engine's computer which, in turn, adjusts the fuel and timing trim. When an oxygen sensor is not operating correctly, the engine will run poor