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How to Replace the Hydraulic Cylinder on a Computer Chair

When you press the lift lever or button on your office chair, the seat should move up and down smoothly, with little resistance as you raise and lower the seat. If you get no response, or experience a jerking motion, when operating the height adjustment, chances are the hydraulic cylinder inside the

The Specifications for a 2000 Mustang

The Ford Mustang became an instant classic upon its introduction in 1964. The 2000 version's retro styling evoked images of the original Mustang while incorporating subtle new styling cues.

Windshield Repair and Replacement - 5 Tips For Your Family's Safety

When should I repair my windshield and when should I replace it?What kind of glass should I have installed in my car?What is the difference between OEM and other glass?What is safe drive away time and how long must I wait before using my car?Learn about safe windshield installation practices.

How to Remove the Window Winder Off a 1998 Dodge Neon

If you need to remove the door panel, or replace a damaged window winder handle, you have to get it off the door first. The window winder, or crank as its commonly called, converts your cranking to the window regulator, which in turn move the window up or down, depending on which way you turn the cr

Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust systems vary from sport bikes to cruisers.Jupiterimages/ ImagesExhaust pipes are changed on bikes for a variety of reasons; performance and sound are the most common. While most louder exhausts generally increase power, this isn't always the case and can't be...

How to Choose the Best Winter Tires for a 3/4-Ton Pickup Truck

If you live where you routinely drive your truck through heavy snow and ice, you want tires built to handle such hazardous conditions. For 3/4-ton pickups, demanding winter driving means you will need more traction than that provided by all-terrain, all-season tires. In this case, you probably want

How to Change the Oil on a Dodge Ram 2500

The owners manual for the Dodge Ram 2500 recommends that the oil and filter be changed every 3,000 miles. Motor oil lubricates of the engine and reduces friction. Changing the oil the recommended times ensures optimal engine performance and longevity. Taking your Dodge Ram to a mechanic to change th

Conventional Sources of Energy

Our modern lifestyles are powered by several different sources. While scientists are hard at work trying to figure out more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of generating this energy, there are some fuels that we just can't do without for the time being. Conventional sources of energy are

How to Adjust the Timing in a Geo Tracker

Adjusting the timing on a Geo Tracker is an easy project compared to many vehicles. Changing the timing on a Geo Tracker requires special tools and a clear understanding on engine mechanics. Adjusting the timing on a Geo Tracker occasionally to maintain high fuel economy and lower the exhaust emissi

Car Clutch - Function

Clutch - Function 1. Ensure a smooth start car. Before starting the car is stationary, if the engine and gearbox are rigidly connected, once in gear, the car will suddenly due to a sudden power ...

Wholesale Vehicle Protection And Accessories For Weather Resistant Storage

Accessories might include the tie downs that will help you keep the covering tight against the vehicle. You do not want it to move as over time even this can start to cause some damage. The material should come down low enough to reach several inches under the vehicle. Then you simply attach the tie

How do I Replace the Belts for a 1987 Buick Regal?

Each type of engine installed in the 1987 Buick Regal was equipped with belt-driven accessories. The belts wrap around a pulley on the tip of the crankshaft and transfer a portion of the energy produced by the engine to those accessories. The belts do have a finite lifespan, but they rarely break. I

Rancho Shock Installation Instructions

Shocks in the rear of your truck or SUV can go bad and need to be replaced. You may also decide to replace your factory shocks with aftermarket parts such as those made by Rancho. You can install Rancho shocks on your vehicle yourself by following instructions to properly mount the new shocks.

How to Get Rain Spots off a Windshield

Water spots on a nice clean windshield can be distracting to a driver and reduce visibility. The spots left behind after rain dries up are calcium carbonate, otherwise known as salt, and can easily be cleaned up with any products used to clean glass and mirrors. There are products that can help repe

How to Replace a 94 Jeep Cherokee Neutral Safety Switch Plug

If your Jeep Cherokee is shifting irregularly and you have assumed it is a worn-out transmission, try replacing the neutral safety switch. These switches are delicate, and oils, dust and water can damage them. Symptoms of a bad neutral safety switch are numerous. The shifting problems are usually in

How to Repaint a Car Door

Vehicle paint is exposed to weather, temperature changes, dirt, dust and grime. A paint job initially resists deterioration, but after years the paint may fade and crack. You may need to repaint the car if your paint job fades or becomes damaged, or if your vehicle is severely scratched. If the dama

Instructions on How to Replace the Alternator in My 1992 Ford Explorer

An alternator supplies a motorized vehicle with electrical current. It is a vehicle's lifeblood, and no car or truck can survive without it. The more electrical current a vehicle has, the better it will operate. A 1992 Ford Explorer alternator is located near the top of the engine when viewing the t

How to Install a VW Oxygen Sensor

When the fuel mileage on your VW decreases and and the engine runs poorly, the oxygen sensor is likely to blame. Most vehicle repair shops will charge $150 plus the cost of the part to change the sensor. For around $80, most do-it-yourselfers can remove and install a new sensor in a hour or two, sav