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Repairing Rear Axle Bearings

Rear axle bearings, or wheel bearings, are the part of the vehicle that let the wheel turn easily. The rear axle bearings reduce the weight strain of the car on the rear axle. Your bearings need to be replaced if you hear a grinding or whining noise when the vehicle is moving. Rear axle bearings are

How to Reset the Computer on a 1993 Econoline

The computer on your Ford Econoline van controls important vehicle systems. If this computer fails, your van will not run at all. Controlling the air-to-fuel ratio and emissions are the two most important functions of the Econoline's computer. Occasionally, the Econoline will generate a trouble code

Cavalier Z24 Secrets

Since its introduction, the Chevrolet Cavalier has had a reputation as a boxy and uninspiring car meant to be little more than basic transportation. In answering consumer complaints about lackluster performance from these little cars, Chevrolet introduced the Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 in 1988. Featurin

How Do I De-ice a Car Window Without a Heater?

The car heater is a driver's best friend during the cold winter months, not to mention a fierce combatant of windshield ice when the defrost setting is on. There are times, however, when the car heater cannot be relied on. Perhaps it is out of order, or it doesn't activate fast enough to accomodate

How to Repair Vinyl Seats Using Permatex

Vinyl seats are durable. After years of exposure to sunlight and multiple changes in temperature, vinyl surfaces become brittle and tear. Instead of replacing your current torn vinyl seats with new seats, you can save money by repairing the tears in the vinyl seat with Permatex. A clear adhesive, Pe

How to Replace Nissan Murano Brake Pads

The Nissan Murano is part of a growing class of vehicle known as crossovers. These vehicles combine the drivability of a car with the interior space of an SUV. Because of the size and weight of crossovers such as the Murano, their brake systems need to be sufficiently maintained to perform at their

Do it Yourself Auto Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass body parts have a variety of advantages over steel parts, but a major drawback: It cracks and shatters on impact. Repairing the damage is more complicated than repairing steel, but is still easy enough for the average weekend do-it-yourself project. The repair boils down into a few simple

Installation Instructions for Willmore Pillar Posts

Willmore manufactures a line of detail trim for automobiles including chrome pillar posts. Pillar posts fit to the rear edge of the front and front edge of the rear doors on an automobile to prevent the surfaces from scratching each other. The chrome surface also adds its own decorative touch. The p

How to Remove the Overhead Console on a 2003 Dodge Ram

Removal of the overhead console in your Dodge Ram will allow access to the electronics and light assemblies mounted in it. The console comes out without much effort and its removal does not require any special tools. There are several wiring connections under the console to disconnect before removal

How to Wire Fog Lights on a Truck

Mounted low on a truck, fog lights can make driving in a heavy fog easier and much safer. All of the parts to install these lights yourself are available online or from most auto supply stores. One person with a few hand tools should be able to make this upgrade in an hour or two.

How to Determine the Hub Bore Size

When you look at the center of a wheel hub, the bored out center hole will tell you the exact vehicle type that the wheel will fit. If the center bore on the wheel hub is not an exact match to vehicle, the car can become uncontrollable when the vehicle reaches a certain high speed. Companies that pr

How to Protect Polished Aluminum Wheels

Polished aluminum rims look fine when they come off the assembly line in mint condition. The problem arises when they have been subjected to the atmosphere, which causes oxidation. Then mud, grime and various road chemicals can also attack the aluminum's surface. Once the protective coating wears of

How to Reupholster Door Panels

Door panels on your car or truck get worn, frayed or look old over time. Your door panels may be a neutral color and you might want to add some bright colors to liven up the interior of your vehicle. Taking your vehicle to an upholsterer can be expensive. Learn how to reupholster door panels on your

How to Replace Spark Plugs in a Mitsubishi 3000GT

Spark plugs in a Mitsubishi 3000GT need to be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for optimal performance. The spark plugs in a Mitsubishi 3000GT needs to be inspected and cleaned every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Replacing the spark plugs extends the engine's life and enhances fuel efficiency.

How to Add a Leaf to a Dodge

If you tow a heavy trailer with your Dodge, you may want to install an additional leaf spring to the rear leaf springs. An additional leaf spring is often referred to as an add-a-leaf. These kits can be purchased from any suspension manufacturer and installed yourself so you can load more cargo in t

How to Find the Right Rim Size for a Pontiac G6

The Pontiac G6 comes in three different styles: the four-door sedan, two-door coupe and the two-door hard-top convertible. If you're looking to dress up your G6, the first thing many car enthusiasts look to do is upgrade the rims. But before you pick out the perfect rims, you need to know the size o

How to Diagnose the Cause of Rusty Brake Rotors

Your car has been sitting for a few weeks, and suddenly you notice that the brake rotors are rusty. Instead of kicking the tires and worrying about the amount of money you're going to have to spend on new rotors, check first to find the cause of the problem and maybe even a cheaper solution.

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Pressure Specs

The fuel injection system is ideal for cold weather starting and fuel consumption.4x4 jeep`s head light. image by Sergejs Nescereckis from Fotolia.comIn 2003 the Jeep Grand Cherokee came with a fuel injection system. This system delivered high-pressure fuel to the combustion chamber to...

Basic Information About Pressure Measuring Instruments

It is almost impossible to judge importance of any item or product unless we know it structure and uses. Similar is the situation in case of pressure measuring instruments. In order to realize their importance we will have to study various parts of pressure measuring device and their functions.

How to Refinish an Alloy Surface

Alloy is more aesthetically pleasing than steel and has functional benefits, including its light weight and durability. Alloy wheels improve steering and provide greater breaking power. If the surface is scuffed, refinishing can return the alloy to its original beauty. To ensure the best results fro