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Hand Knitting Yarns that Can Be Used on a Knitting Machine

Any yarns for hand knitting can be used on a knitting machine, although certain thicknesses or weights of yarns are better suited for machines of different gauges. Also, depending on the machine, it may be more convenient and cheaper to use yarns that are wound on cones, which are available in large

Difference Between Aluminum Hardcote & Anodizing

Anodizing and hard coating are two methods used to change the surface of metal for a variety of reasons. Both processes are commonly used on machined parts used for nearly any purpose.

How to Dry Flowers in Silica

Dried flower decorations add a simple, rustic look to a home. Such flowers are readily available at most craft, home decoration and flower stores, but you can generally make your own for a fraction of the price. Drying flowers requires more than simply letting a flower sit out until it dries. When a

Developmental Toys for Preschoolers

Toys for image by Alexander Petrari from Fotolia.comPreschool children are typically between three and four years old, and are beginning to demonstrate personal independence behaviors, increasingly developed physical and motor skills, and increased use of dramatic or...

Chinese Paper Cutting Tools

Chinese paper cut designs as decorative art on wine glassesHenry Gan/Photodisc/Getty ImagesThe art of Chinese paper cutting originated centuries ago in Northern China. Ancient paper cuttings often were symbols used during ceremonies to honor the dead. It is a technically challenging art...

How to Dry Paper-Mache Quickly

Paper mache is an inexpensive way to create things from masks to pinatas. It is an enjoyable way to get messy and reconnect with your childhood, or engage your children in an afternoon project. Because the paper mache process involves dipping strips of paper into a glue, flour and water mixture, it

How to Make a Circle Pinata

The pinata is a Mexican tradition that was originally tied to Christmas celebrations. Mexican families would make pinatas to celebrate "Las Posadas," which took place between December 16 and December 24. In contemporary times, the pinata is a popular birthday party game, and although pinatas were tr

How to Knit Slip Knots With My Fingers

The slip knot (also called "loop knot") is the first thing you use in knitting. Ironically, it doesn't require a knitting needle to make; you only need your fingers. Once the slip knot is made, you insert the needle into the loop above the knot and tighten the yarn by tugging gently. The slip knot a

Brother Compatible Embroidery Cards

Many beautiful, fun and whimsical embroidery cards are available for your Brother embroidery machine, but before you get swept away purchasing additional embroidery cards, it's important to check for compatibility to avoid dealing with returns or exchanges. Know the hoop area and stitch-file formats

How to Make Purses Out of Capri Sun Drink Pouches

There is no need to throw those old Capri Sun pouches in the trash. Why not make a great project and recycle the Capri Sun pouches into a purse. They have a personal touch to them. There are many colorful and fun combinations that can be made with all the different Capri Sun pouches., and it can be

How to Fix a Pfaff Sewing Machine Bobbin Case

A sewing machine is a precise machine in which all the pieces must work exactly as they were meant without even a minute adjustment. The needle, bobbin case and bobbin must all turn and feed at exactly the same time and in the same motion or the machine will not work properly. The bobbin case is the

How to Make a Gum Wrapper Handbag

Avoid adding more items to our landfills by turning what otherwise would have been trash into a whimsical but useful item. Collect as many gum wrappers as you can and create a handbag that will surely be a conversation piece. Focus on a mix of colors and styles and you will be able to design a handb

How to Make a Marie Antoinette Wig

Marie Antoinette was a French Queen in the 1700s known for her fashionable dress and extravagant lifestyle. Born an Austrian princess, she married in 1770 and was beheaded during the French Revolution in 1789. During her reign, she often participated in masquerades and gambling. As the common people

How to Dye Wool in a Crock Pot

Wool is a type of fiber obtained from animals, such as sheep, rabbits, muskox, alpacas and camels. Wool differs from the fur that grows on other animals in that it is crimped, elastic and grows in clusters. Wool is often spun into yarn for use in creating clothing, blankets, rugs, felt and upholster

How to Make Felt Owls

Real owls are nocturnal birds of prey with sharp talons and a powerful beak more often heard than seen. Fictional owls such as Archimedes from Disney's "Sword in the Stone," however, take on a less mysterious and more lovable form as wise, feathered friends. Create plush owls from felt to serve as p

Brother PC-420 in Review

The features of the Brother PC-420 are user friendly and make sewing an easy exercise. Along with the Brother PC-420 sewing machine included in the packaging are a hard case cover, right through to a ...

How to Use Fabric Markers to Decorate T-Shirts

Fabric markers are a great way to decorate any type of cloth. It's a great way to imitate a shirt you've had your eye on or to start your own trend. Use them to decorate pillows, purses or clothes to add a personal touch. You can be as colorful and creative as you want.

How to Make Your Own Cheap Logos for Clothes

Making a custom logo for your clothes is a cheap, creative way to personalize a garment. There are two ways to approach the creation of a logo. It's easy to create a template by filing in a stencil with permanent marker or fabric paint. You can also make an embroidered logo, which looks more expensi

How Is Wool Processed Into Yarn?

Collecting the WoolOne of the many uses of wool is its ability to be spun into yarn. This is an ideal material for many types of clothing and blankets because of its soft texture. To start the process, the wool must first be sheared off of sheep. Usually, an adult sheep that is about to...