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How to Make a Pencil Holder out of Paper

Making crafts is a creative outlet, especially when you are making a gift from scratch. The recipient of the gift knows that you care because you took the time to make it by hand. With papier-mâché, you can use simple paper and flour to make a pencil holder, which anyone can use. A teacher

How to Make a Bird-Friendly Wreath for Spring

Birds emerging from a winter-long migration need food for sustinance. Hang a seed wreath that is almost fully edible except for the ribbon from a tree in your yard. Attract the hungry birds of spring to your garden for an abundance of feathered friends. Use a spring-themed tube pan, such as one sh

Ideas for Making Your Own Piggy Bank

When you have a pocket full of change at the end of the day, it can quickly add up to a small pile. A lot of people save that money by storing it in a piggy bank of some kind. Not all piggy banks are made to look like pigs, but no matter what you have on the outside, a bank is a perfect place to sto

How to Make the Inside of a Handbag

The inside of a handbag should be finished so when you open the bag you see attractive fabric and finished seams -- not raw seam edges and tangled threads. The lining can be of any type of fabric that you have, including old clothing. Look for an old garment that is larger than the handbag, with a t

What Kind of Synthetic Oil Should I Use in My V-Star?

The cruiser models of Yamaha motorcycles are badged as V-Stars and offer a range of engine sizes and frame configurations. Trouble-free operation and low-maintenance requirements add to the enjoyment of this popular line of cruiser-style motorcycles. Regular use of synthetic engine oils extends the

Sunflower Activities

Sunflowers can be the starting point for a variety of activities for children. Kids tend are fascinated with them because they resemble the sun and they grow so tall. The activities you do with sunflowers can range from art and crafts to gardening. Pick a few different ones so the children think abo

How to Finish Poplar Wood

Poplar is best finished with paint as the wood is prized for its ability to accept and hold paint. Poplar does not take stains well, with the finish ending up being blotchy. Poplar may be painted with either oil-based or latex paints and primers. The wood resists warping and twisting and it has a ti

How to Make Tulle Fairy Wings for Children

Fairy wings are an essential component of any Halloween fairy costume, but can also be a fun accessory to add to your child's dress up trunk for everyday play time. Creating whimsical fairy wings may be accomplished in just a few steps with inexpensive items found around the house or available at a

Rubber Stamp Tricks & Tips

Rubber stamps have become a popular craft tool used in making stationary, scrapbooking and even homemade greeting cards. Rubber stamping use ink that is applied to an image that has been molded on a piece of rubber. The top of the stamp is usually made of wood and the rubber is attached on the botto

DIY Light-Up Canvas

A light-up canvas is illuminated with some type of light source. This is usually done to enhance the artwork, making it more realistic and giving it an extra artistic flair. The lights are usually concentrated in one area of the painting and represent either a candle, the sun or another light source

About Glass

Glass is material that is made from very simple ingredients, and yet it is remarkably complex. It is both strong and easily shattered; it is durable but it also flows--albeit very slowly--over time. Glass is an integral part of modern society and one of our most important building materials, but i

Casting Resin Ideas

A resin cast figurine.papy image by cris13 from Fotolia.comCasting resin is a chemically synthesized liquid product that, when poured, hardens into a plastic resembling natural plant resins. It is used by craft makers, model makers, jewelry and props builders to create durable transparent...

What to Charge for a Children's Art Class

In today's society, many children do not have the luxury of learning arts and crafts in school. Luckily there are qualified, motivated and dedicated people willing to offer their artistic services to fill that gap. What one should charge for those services depends on several factors.

How to Decorate a Disposable Camera

A disposable camera is a camera that the user only uses for a single role of film. When the film is done, the user takes the camera to a developer, who develops the film and disposes of the camera. Since the cameras are disposable, you can be somewhat careless and playful with it. You can decorate

How to Adjust the Bobbin Tension on a Singer 5050C Sewing Machine

Adjusting the bobbin tension is not always a requirement, but it can help you fine-tune your stitching. The bobbin should already be set to a standard tension, but if you are using a thicker or finer than normal thread, making adjustments can help your project. The 5050C sewing machine by Singer sto

How to Make a Paper Chain Thanksgiving Craft

A paper chain Thanksgiving craft is perfect to decorate your home for the holiday. It allows you to show everyone exactly what you are thankful for. This craft is a great family-bonding activity, especially when everyone in the house participates. You can each take turn writing things that you are t

How to Restore Wood Steamer Trunks

Antique wooden steamer trunks pass down through families as keepsakes and treasures. Sometimes, though, they have suffered the ravages of time and need restoration to their original state of beauty. Properly restored wooden steamer trucks are valuable and in high demand in the antique world. As a fa

How to Make Jewelry Out of Watch Parts

The lifetime of watches aren't eternal. Eventually, a watch isn't able to bounce back and simply stops ticking for good. What now, throw it away? No, if you are a creative jewelry maker, you see an opportunity to make "steampunk" jewelry with parts the watch will give up when taken apart. Steampunk

How to Decorate Eggs & Filled Easter Eggs

Easter is a religious celebration that includes several other fun traditions. Among those traditions is easter egg creating. Easter eggs are decorative eggs used for Easter egg baskets and hunts. The creating of Easter eggs is a fun process that includes drawing on and coloring eggs. Decorating East