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What Are the Dangers of Extruded Polystyrene?

Extruded polystyrene has become almost synonymous with the food packaging brand that popularized it in the 1970s: Styrofoam. It is a substance made by expanding polystyrene, a plastic that is sourced from petroleum. It is widely used in packaging food products. Despite the popularity of...

How to Harden Origami

Origami, the art of folding paper into sculptures, requires significant time and concentration. Once the artwork is finished, time, humidity and decomposition of the paper may weaken the folds and cause the origami to lose its shape. Hardening origami preserves and protects your hard work, allowing

American Girl Pioneer Crafts

American Girl is a franchise that includes books and dolls in the likeness of the brand's many characters. Each book and character represents a girl from a different era of American history. One American Girl character, Kirsten, is a pioneer girl from a Minnesota farm in about 1854. The book, "Meet

Bathtub Refinishing & Repainting

While many homeowners spend hundreds of dollars replacing their old or mismatched bathtubs, frugal and savvy amateur do-it-yourselfers opt instead to transform their tub's appearance by refinishing it. Because bathtubs must endure heavy moisture and duress, they require a particular type of coating,

How to Knit Golf Club Covers

Make these cozy knit golf club covers for all of the golfers in your life. To make an entire set, buy additional yarn in the main color and a different contrasting color for each of the covers in the set. That way the golfer can tell which club is inside.

What Is the Definition of Hydraulic Lift?

A hydraulic lift is a type of machine that uses a hydraulic apparatus to lift or move objects using the force created when pressure is exerted on liquid in a piston. Force then produces "lift" and "work."

How to Crochet a Rib Stitch

Making crocheted handmade items enables you to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself or for others. Some items need a fitted and stretchy edging, often along cuffs, neck edges or waistbands. A ribbed edging makes the crocheted piece tighter where you need a closer fit. Crochet a rib

How to Make a Puffy Felt Whale

A stuffed whale can be a sweet present for a little girl or boy, especially those who have a fondness for sea creatures. You can sew a handmade whale using felt material, as felt is cheap but durable to work with. A bit of cotton stuffing will give the whale a puffy look. Use a basic sewing techniqu

Stone Painting Techniques

Stone painting is the art of creating images found in nature; frogs, deer, raccoons, fish, or domestic animals like cats and dogs. Create these pieces of art with stones from a craft store, or go on a rock-finding hike along a lake. You'll need acrylic paint, acrylic brushes, and spray-on sealer in

How to Waterproof Wood Legs

Having quality wood furniture to relax on while you enjoy your yard is something that many people enjoy. It's important to protect your investment of wood furniture, however. Wet conditions can destroy your lovely furniture if you do not take steps to make sure that the weather cannot ruin the wood.

What Is a Block & Beam Floor?

Block and beam flooring is a term used in the building industry to refer to a specific method of laying floors. The block and beam method is usually used for the installation of ground floors in both commercial and domestic building projects. A block and beam style floor can be laid swiftly and usua

How to Make a Cuff Bead

On the cuffs of some men's long sleeve shirts, there appears to be a small decorative bead. This tiny feature is the visible part of a cuff link, an accessory worn to link both sides of a French cuff sleeve together. Though the cuff link is primarily a utilitarian feature, people typically select or

How to Rate Garnet Stones

January's birthstone, the garnet, refers to several species and varieties of minerals. Usually considered dark red, garnets can come in many colors, from the ruby red pyrope to the deep green dematoid variety. Garnets are a semiprecious stone with a 6.5 to 7.5 Mohs scale rating for hardness, with a

How Do I Beat the Three-Headed Boss on "Ice Ruins"?

"Spectrobe: Origins" is the third in the Spectrobe video game series for the Wii game system and is made by Disney Interactive Studios. The game takes place in the Japanese anime world where players must go on a quest to collect various monsters. Players must take part in battles, while trying to fi

How to Protect Acrylic Paint

Protect your acrylic painted craft that you just created by applying a layer of clear varnish over the paint and allowing the varnish to dry. Protecting your acrylic paint allows the color to stay put longer and appear brighter than an unprotected piece of artwork. The clear varnish will keep smoke,

Shawl Trim Ideas

The right trim is often the perfect finish to a shawl. When the weather is chilly but not cold, a shawl may be the right accessory to wear. The wrap acts as a dual purpose clothing item offering warmth along with style. A plain shawl may look dowdy or matronly, but one with the right trim adds style

How to Make a Country Flag Project

Looking for a country flag project to decorate your house? Made out of recycled materials, this simple craft project can be done quickly and surprisingly easily. With a little time and patience you can hang your country flag with pride knowing that you made it yourself and helped the environment at

Definitions of Line Space & Perspective Analysis in Art

Line and space are two of the many elements artists consider when creating their works of art. Perspective is achieved through the application of these elements to create an illusion of depth in an artistic composition. Analysis in art is simply the examination of an artist's use of elements and tec

How to Measure Shoulder Size

Sewing projects and body building are just two of the areas that require careful shoulder measurements and sizing. Sewing requires well-planned and measured proportions so that sleeves and necklines fit comfortably on the finished garment. In exercise regimes, measuring your shoulder size allows you