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How to Charge the iPhone With a Computer

The iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery. From an empty state, the rechargeable battery can reach full capacity in four hours. A fully-charged iPhone provides 40 hours of audio playback, 7 hours of talk time on the 3G network or up to 6 hours of Internet use on the 3G network. You can charge your iPhon

iPhone Home Button Replacement Instructions

When your iPhone's Home button becomes unresponsive or the cables are detached or broken, the Home button has to be replaced. You can take your iPhone back to your cellular provider or the Apple store for repairs, but replacement can be expensive and you may have to wait days or weeks for your iPhon

Instructions for an iPod Dock for the Nano

iPod Nanos are popular due to their small, compact size. Many Nano owners are originally worried when their iPod Nano does not fit into the standard iPod dock they have. Luckily, every iPod Nano comes with its own dock adapter, which will allow you to hook the Nano up to the standard dock. This will

How to Set Up an iPhone for Cox Email

The Apple iPhone provides email setup for IMAP and POP accounts, as well as some webmail clients such as Cox. To configure your iPhone for Cox email, you must add the account in the Mail settings on your iPhone. You'll also need to set up SMTP authentication in your Cox account settings. Once config

Problems Syncing iCal with an iPhone

If you use a Mac, you probably use iCal to manage your schedule. ICal is Apple's calendar software, and it comes standard on every Mac computer. To keep track of your schedule on the go, you may want to sync your iCal schedule with the Calendar app on your iPhone. You should be able to do this throu

How to Copy Audiobook MP3 CDs Onto an iPod

With an Apple iPod, you can listen to your audiobook mp3 files anywhere and, thanks to the supplied headphones, without disturbing anyone else. Some newer iPods have other features, such as the ability to display images or let you play games. But no matter which iPod you have, every one allows you t

How to Access My iPod Without iTunes

The Apple iPod is pretty heavily tied into iTunes. This means you get a more seamless media experience, but it can also be troublesome if you want to access your iPod without iTunes. Fortunately, there is an application that allows you to do just that.

How to Customize an iPhone 1.1.3

The Apple iPhone 1.1.3 comes in a base model but can be modified to cater to your personal taste and desires. Customize almost every aspect of the phone, from its exterior color all the way to its programming functions. This is a simple process and can be done in a series of steps.

How to Deactivate Voice Over in an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is equipped with accessibility features that make it easier for users with auditory, visual or other physical disabilities to use the device. When you have VoiceOver activated on the iPod Touch, the feature describes aloud what appears on your screen. It also changes the way gestures

How to Plug an iPod into a Car Stereo

Listening to your iPod in your car can help pass the time while sitting in traffic or on a long road trip. Instead of listening to your iPod through your head phones, you can plug your iPod into your car stereo. If your car is not equipped with an MP3 or auxiliary input, using an FM modulator will r

How Can I Tell If My iPhone Is Using Wi-Fi?

Your iPhone goes to great lengths to show and tell. For example, it gives you "Visual Voicemail" instead of just a typical voice message box. So, if you want to know whether you've successfully hooked up with a Wi-Fi network, or if your iPhone is actually using it to connect to the Internet rather t

How to Get New Hardware for an iPod Touch

When your iPod touch breaks, you should usually have it fixed by a professional, particularly if you have a warranty on the device. If your device is not under warranty, consider repairing the device yourself, as you can usually find all the hardware you need to repair the iPod online, and there are

How to Install Chinese Writing on myTouch

If you want to use Chinese writing on your myTouch phone, you might be disappointed to find that this option is not available in the settings menu. Don't worry; there are products available in the Android market that will enable Chinese input and characters on a Mytouch phone. The process is not qui

How to Download Games to iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is more than a portable audio and video player. You can also browse the Web and play games on the device. In order to play games on your iPod Touch, you must first download and install those games onto the device. Games can be downloaded and then added to your iPod Touch by using the

Uses for the iTouch

The iPod Touch, or iTouch, is an Apple portable media device with a touch screen. Whereas previous iPod models allowed you to enjoy music and in some cases video footage, the iPod Touch contains a wide array of features, giving it the versatility and flexibility of a pocket-sized computer.

How do I Use an iPod on Mac & PC?

The Apple iPod has revolutionized personal audio today, eliminating the need to carry CDs, minidiscs or cassettes, with all music being contained on a hard drive on the device. The music is put on the device by being synced with an iTunes library on a PC or Mac where the music is also contained. To

How to Install SBsettings

SBSettings is an application that you can downloaded to jailbroken iPhones, iPod touches and iPads through the Cydia app store. Use SBSettings to enable home screen access to settings that would otherwise have to be changed through the iPhone's "Settings" application. For instance, you can toggle Wi

How Do I Turn on an iPod While It Is Charging?

An iPod is an MP3 player created by Apple. It was originally only for Apple computers, but has been upgraded to work on other systems since its inception. It's possible to charge an iPod and use it at the same time; the battery simply needs enough charge. If it's too low a message will appear on the