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Laughter Is Good For You It Can Help You Live Longer

Laughter is the best medicine and everyone needs to learn how to get more into their lives. It can help you as a stress reliever and as a pain reducer. It has even been shown to improve immunity. With all these benefits its time to look for ways to get more laughter into your daily life.

What is Going on Today?

Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on vanity products and procedures. Of course it is a wise idea to be healthy, but some of the other things that are going on today are either a fad or fact.

Is a Vitamin C Lotion the Answer for Achieving Younger Looking Skin?

There are a lot of companies currently marketing their anti aging vitamin C lotion as the answer to increasing firmness and elasticity in the skin. The truth is that this nutrient does have a profound affect on the human body, as it is known to bolster the immune system and does in fact have a heali

Natural Alternatives For Aging Skin

An anti aging skin care product can make a lot of promises, but the only way to truly judge effectiveness is to carefully examine the list of ingredients. While there are many keys to treating the common signs of aging, only certain products will be able to successfully get the job done. The trick f

3 Reasons Why Natural Anti Aging Treatments Are Better Than the Rest

You may have heard it before, or you may have heard the complete opposite. Natural anti aging treatments and products are safer, more effective and better in every possible way. Now of course, I am talking about truly natural treatments, not the ones just pretending to be natural.

Yoga to Maintain Our Health As We Age

High intensity interval training and resistance training have become the "in" ways to exercise now, and for anyone who has the ability to perform these types of exercise they are the way to go. But for many people, particularly as they age or if they are just getting into a workout plan, y

The Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Routine

Hundreds of thousands of people use anti aging wrinkles creams as part of their daily life to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles on their face. If you are just putting the cream on before bed without doing anything else, you are not doing everything you can to help the cream do the best jo

Longevity Strategies For Your Internal Body

To get the most out of life, it is important to feel well as you age. Your health is the most important asset that you have and, as you age, feeling well is necessary for your morale. So we will start our longevity and anti-age strategies by taking care of our internal body.

Sun Exposure Risks

The question of sun damaged skin has been discussed forever, but statistics suggest that few are paying attention to the information provided. The obsession with the appearance of a healthy outdoor li

Yoga and fitness Positions To Firm Your Butt

Yoga not only helps you to balance your body and mind, but it also helps you to stretch and strengthen your muscles. If you want to tone your butt muscles, here are some of the poses that you should e

Resveratrol Review - Be Careful What You Purchase!

Looking for a Resveratrol review because you want to purchase the correct supplement that will give you all the benefits that you've heard about? Well, look no further. But before you go and make a purchase you need to know everything you can about this super antioxident.

A Lifestyle Blueprint for Long Life

Want to live to be 100? Good genes certainly help, but there is new evidence that the foods you eat and how you live may be every bit as important.