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Do 14 Year Old Jobs Really Exist?

More and more teenagers ask this question. They are on the look-out for jobs hiring at 14 so that they will have financial independence from their parents. Once they get these jobs, then they don't have to rely on their parents for pocket money. Some are even pushing their limits and saving eno

Holiday Traditions That Happen Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, holidays give many employees and students a free day off. While many take the day to get some rest at home, you may want to celebrate with friends and family. If you ...

Baby Girl Names: Ideas for Your Newborn Princess

Name is a person's main identity-to name your beautiful baby girl with a meaningful and beautiful name is important. Find some beautiful names and their respective meaning here for your precious baby girl.

Dangerous Products For Children

All products sold to the public must pass testing that ensures it is safe for use. It is especially important that products designed for children and babies do not threaten their safety. Unfortunately, many children's toys or baby products are made with hazardous materials or contain dangerous

Why 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' Simply Doesn't Work With Teens

The world of a teenager is filled with change. Changing bodies, changing thoughts and feelings, and a changing role in society make it an exciting, uncertain and often confusing time both for the teens themselves and their parents.

Life Skills Kids Learn in a Dance Studio

Enrolling your child in a class at a dance studio may be doing more than just teaching him or her how to dance. Read about the valuable life skills a child can develop when part of a dance class.

Get Kids Recycling - Old Cereal Boxes

What can you do with that old cereal box when your kids are done with the contents? Perhaps you could make a magazine holder out of it. Or maybe your kids could turn it into a checkerboard. I have some ideas to share.

How Best To Avoid Obesity In Childhood

How best to avoid childhood obesity, in simple terms. Practical advice for every parent and simple instructions to follow. What every parent needs to know to ensure that your child is on the right road to having healthy body weight for life.

Getting the Kids Out of the House

Do you remember when you were a child and the hours that you spent outside in the fresh air and sunshine? Today's children seem to be living an entirely different life than we did as children, but parents have the power to do something about it. It is time to make the outdoors fun again for you

Early Potty Training: How Early Is Too Early?

Early potty training at one time was considered the norm, and today is considered almost a miracle of sorts. Training a child to use the toilet before the age of 18 months is very rare today, but is it possible?

Financial Aid For Troubled Teen Programs & Therapy

Loans are available for parents who belong to low income groups to pay for placing their troubled adolescent children in reform or rehabilitation facilities. Loans are given by Government agencies and are dispersed by financial institutions.

The Ideal Toy For Every Pop Princess

They were once to be found only in the occasional pub on a Friday night, but today karaoke machines have invaded the home, much to the delight of the parents whose children are given them by adoring friends and relatives, and by the neighbours who have to put up with daily renditions of the current

Make Your Child Feel Special with Unique Handmade Wooden Toys and Gifts!

Handmade wooden toys make a unique gift for any child. Because they are handmade, no two toys are completely identical. In addition, the toys do not look like the toys currently available in retail stores. For example, a wooden train does not bear any resemblance to mass-produced plastic trains. Woo

Father Love - Coaching Families on Fatherhood

Today, unlike the days when father knew best, there is no typical family structure. This once traditional unit now runs a wide gamut. There are just as many single parent families as there are two parent families. In most two parent families, both father and mother work. Although many families also

The World of Lego Duplo

The Lego brand has been around it seems like forever, and for some of us this is true. The creator of the Lego brand, Ole Kirk Christiansen created the Lego brand in 1934 by utilizing the Danish words LEG GODT and taking just the first two letters from each to come up with Lego.

Summer Day Camp Essentials

Long, fun-filled days out in the sun playing games, splashing around in the water and just hanging out with friends are what make day camp so special to kids. Make sure your child has an easy, carefree time at camp by being sure he or she has all the right essentials. Most camps will send a list of

Why Karate Is Good for Kids

Karate is a very exciting martial art that focuses on character development, physical fitness and practical self-defence. Most karate classes are highly structured and follow an internationally recognised syllabus, where students are constantly encouraged to do their best, as they learn various skil

Child Development

This means that parents should constantly be teaching their children and ensuring they get the proper education because learning is a very important aspect of child development. Child development covers the growth of a child all the way up until adolescence and this development is very important to

Prom and Homecoming Dresses: Design Trends For 2012

Many teens consider prom and homecoming as one of the most special, if not the most special highlight of their high school lives. Having gone through changes in their lives and the challenges of adolescence, these are the few times where they can celebrate their youth and transition to adulthood wit

Kids Love to Explore Art Techniques

Kids love to explore art techniques and express themselves with visual arts.When children are given a variety of art supplies, they will create masterpieces that speak for themselves. Some kids like to cut paper and paste, some kids like to color with markers, some like to sculpt with clay or stick