Tungsten Rings and Wedding Bands

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Tungsten rings are the versatile choice when choosing a fashion piece to wear.
Tungsten rings can be worn as a wedding band, couple rings, promise ring or fashion ring.
Tungsten retailers now offer large selections of carbide rings, ready to accommodate every shopper.
The actual jewelry stores that sell tungsten rings will most likely feature simpler, more classic styles whereas the online retailers will offer more unique styles along with the everyday classics.
There is typically many different styles to choose from including the classic, Celtic, precious metal inlays, unique inlays and colored tungsten bands.
Below is a brief description of these categories.
Classic tungsten carbide rings: Classic tungsten bands include traditional dome and flat ring styles.
Classic tungsten rings are available for both men and women and come in many different widths and finishes.
Traditional widths for women's tungsten wedding bands are typically between 2-6mm in widths where a men's typical wedding band width is between 7-10mm in width.
Many online companies start their tungsten ring widths at a 4mm, few start at a 2mm width due to the complexity in manufacturing such a thin width.
Celtic tungsten bands: Celtic tungsten carbide bands are the classic carbide ring styling with a meaningful twist.
Celtic bands are popular for both men and women and not only sell for wedding bands but also couple rings, promise rings and anniversary bands.
Precious metal inlays: Tungsten rings with precious metal inlays give people the durability of tungsten along with have the more traditional metals inlaid into the center of the ring.
The more traditional metals include gold, platinum, silver and palladium.
Palladium is increasing in popularity due to being similar to platinum with a much lower price point.
Inlays can be a simple polished inlay flush with the surface or a more unique woven or braided inlay.
Unique Inlays: Unique inlays in tungsten rings consist of shell, carbon fiber and wood.
Unique inlays are slightly more fragile than your standard precious metal inlay however the beauty surpasses the fragility of the inlay.
Colored tungsten bands: Colored tungsten wedding bands consist of typically black and gold colored rings.
Black and gold rings are plated with a thin layer of zirconium, which is very similar to titanium in terms of strength and durability.
Zirconium is extremely durable however over time will begin to fade and scratch.
This is unavoidable as the tungsten metal is unable to be colored through chemical means.
The plating can be recoated if over time the ring loses its vibrant color.
Over all tungsten rings are the right choice to use for any jewelry occasion.
The durability of a standard tungsten ring surpasses all other precious metals not only in strength but also in cost.
Tungsten weddings bands are inexpensive, unique and available for both men and women.
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