How to Paint a Smooth Coat on Metal

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    • 1). Apply mineral spirits to a clean, dry rag. Wipe down the metal to thoroughly clean it and to promote adhesion. Allow about ten minutes for the mineral spirits to evaporate completely before continuing.

    • 2). Pour the oil-based paint into a painter's pale or 5-gallon bucket, filling it only about half-way. Add about an ounce of mineral spirits to dilute the paint to promote an easier, smoother application.

    • 3). Stir the paint with a wooden stick. Stir until the mineral spirits have mixed in completely. Add another ounce of mineral spirits if the paint still seems too thick.

    • 4). Remove the cover to the 3- to 4-inch oil-based paintbrush. Dip the tip of the paintbrush into the oil-based paint. Use the brush to apply the paint to the metal. Only use slight pressure, and paint from left to right. Do not try to cover the metal in one coat. Apply only a small amount of paint on the first coat.

    • 5). Allow the metal to dry for about an hour then apply a second light coat in the same manner as the first coat. Allow the surface to dry for another hour.

    • 6). Apply a third light coat to the metal surface in the same manner as the first two. Keep adding light coats until the metal is completely covered.

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