Stop Smoking Cold Turkey Today

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Cold turkey is a method that many people use to quit smoking.
It basically means doing it all at once, instead of gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.
Many people prefer this method, because you get it over with all at once and it doesn't require you take any stop smoking aids that contain nicotine.
For example, people who use Nicorette gum or the patch reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke, however these products help the body adjust by supplying nicotine to the body.
The down side to these types of products is that you can become depended on them.
To quit smoking cold turkey you'll need the proper mindset, because it's not easy.
If you're not already doing it, now is the time to start eating healthy.
Make sure you're drinking lots of water, and eating fruits and vegetables.
Exercise will also help a lot.
Not only will it help you feel better, control your against possible weight gain, but it will also be a constructive way to work off the irritability that you may experience.
Don't forget to include your support system.
Many times friends and family will be there when you need them most.
Are you having a bad day and feel like lighting up? Give your best friend a call.
He or she will be able to talk you out of it.
Perhaps you have another friend who you could work out with.
You should never over look the value of having good friends.
By being strong, having a healthy lifestyle and a good support network, you'll be able to fight the addiction that cigarettes cause and start living a healthy lifestyle today.
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