Are Star Trek Worm Holes a Myth?

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This analyzes the occurrences of wormholes in Star Trek.
Wormholes are being conceived and theorized about in our present day society.
You would think they would have figured it out by the 24th century.
But apparently they are as rare then as they are now.
When a possible worm hole was discovered in The Next Generation, an auction was held and steep prices were offered for it's use and control.
Later it was found to be another unstable worm hole, much to dangerous for use, leaving a Ferengi shuttle stranded.
In Deep Space Nine, the main storylines revolve around a 'wormhole' next to Bejor.
We learn however, that the 'wormhole' is called a wormhole because of what it does, not because of what it really is.
It is some composed of aliens that transport ships from one part of the universe to another.
It is nothing more then an organic transporter service, definitely not a worm hole in the scientific sense.
When Q's son was aboard Voyager, he made a little space gateway that is similar to the properties of a wormhole.
Perhaps it just takes more brilliant minds to make a successful worm hole.
One humorous note is that although they can transport to other times and dimensions, traveling to another location through a worm hole is much harder feat.
If they create a Star Trek show based in the future, it would be great to see The Federation having conquered the wormhole problem, and able to go into other quadrants at will (how about a combined alliance of thousands of races invading Borg space?)
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