Products Wholesale to Drop Ship, Where to Find Them!

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Looking for products wholesale to drop ship? I'll show you how I've found various different products wholesale and the companies to drop ship them. Moreover, I'll explain how wholesale drop ship works so you can better negotiate with your next products wholesale drop ship supplier!

The business of product wholesale drop shipping is all about ensuring the supplier has a diverse number of (as in many) customers reducing their risk if one of their customers goes bankrupt! Moreover, product wholesalers drop ship mainly due to the fact it costs them absolutely nothing therefore why would they waste the time, hassle and expense to find their own customers when you are more then willing to approach them and share the profits?!

As you can see, product wholesale drop shipping is a beneficial opportunity for both the buyer and seller and thus many companies are motivated to sell you their goods, under a drop ship model, at wholesale prices. This being said, finding a drop shipper for ANY products wholesale can be accomplished if you know the manufacturer of the product. Perform a Google search for the manufacturer's website and take a look around to see if they already have a drop shipping program in place, if not, send them an e-mail using the following template (customized for your needs of course):

Dear XYZ Co.,

I believe your product XXX is an exceptional value and one that would suit my target market XXX perfectly! I have browsed your other products and have become quite interested in retailing them to my own customers. As I am unable to locate a drop shipping program on your website, I'm enquiring as to the possibility of our businesses entering into a drop ship arrangement as I know the outcome will be profitable for us both.

Looking forward to your response,
Ryan -

As you can see it's hard for a manufacturer to turn down an opportunity which costs them nothing and I strongly recommend you try negotiating with them directly. If you don't have all the time in the world (who does) and would still like access to a vast array of products wholesale drop shippers without the research and hassle, I would suggest joining a drop ship directory as this has been very successful for myself during times when I had no direct relationships with my manufacturers.

Be careful with the directory you choose! The choice is critical as you may have found like I did, that many of these so called products wholesale drop ship prices are actually more expensive then retail prices! I went through various different directories which I won't name in this article as they are such an insult to wholesalers that they don't deserve the publicity! Previously I was a member of 3 directories, however, I left two as SaleHoo had the absolute lowest  products wholesale drop ship prices as well as the best user-interface. 

Keep in mind that joining SaleHoo is only the best option for those who are looking for easy access to a wide variety of products and manufacturers, if you're looking for a specific product that's hard to find, try the method I described above. 

So there you have it, drop shipping is a beneficial opportunity for both buyer and seller and as such if you are looking for a specific rare item attempt to contact the manufacturer, otherwise, click here to join [] SaleHoo's extensive products wholesale drop ship directory.
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