Educational Toy - The First Teachers of Any Child

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The educational toy that a toddler and young child play with is also their very first teacher.
Many things and tasks we adults take for granted must be learned.
The first toys do this whether it is their intention or not.
The first rattle is a good example.
This toy has the intention of keeping a baby entertained by producing a noise.
Grasping the rattle is the first lesson they learn with this toy.
It might seem second nature to everyone else, but a bay does not realize their arm is attached to them let alone the hand.
The grasping helps the child realize parts in their little world that are new to them.
This is all an educational toy is suppose to do, teach the young minds new concepts, ideas and processes.
The shaped cube is another great example.
Because all of the blocks are different shapes, the young mind must grasp the block then match up the shape to the correct opening that is corresponding to the same shape.
This is a challenge for the young mind to understand.
But in time they learn to master this simple concept.
Puzzles are usually the next step in the learning curve for young minds.
With these they use the grasping technique they have learned and the matching up of shapes.
The puzzles are made with complex shapes and will be a challenge at first.
The picture the puzzle creates is helpful and gives the young mind additional information that they can use.
Educational toys builds up the knowledge and experiences of the mind so more complicated tasks can be accomplished.
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