Dome Tents – Not The Same Tent Your Parents Used

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Native Americans used teepees. The military used pup tents. Your memories of camping with your parents may include a teepee, a pup tent or a large canvas military style tent. Technology has changed many aspects of our lives. And tent technology is no exception.

Lightweight materials, including fabrics, poles, stakes, tie lines and even carrying and storage bags are now the norm. The older styles used canvas for the tent and the storage bag. Poles were metal or wood with large diameters, very sturdy but very heavy. Zippers and stakes were heavy metal. They were not too breathable due to the dense materials they were made with.

Dome tents are now one of the more popular styles. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Most are made with lightweight waterproof materials. Many models have the poles made right into them making setup and take down fast and simple. The geodesic dome has been proven to be quite rigid and will hold up well under wind and rain. The same principles apply to dome tents. They hold up well under windy and rainy conditions.

Other advances in technology have produced lightweight materials that have been incorporated into tent manufacturing. Polyester is typically used to create an outer and inner layer, to help keep down condensation, while being lighter than canvas. Thin fiberglass poles have replaced wood, metal and even aluminum poles. Advances in plastics have created strong, flexible lightweight stakes that are virtually unbreakable.

Groundsheets are made with polypropylene and are extremely waterproof. Flysheets are coated with polyurethane to keep water and UV rays out. Older style tents typically had only a front opening with a metal zipper. These tents would get very warm and had virtually no ventilation. Most new models have plastic or nylon zippers that help cut down on weight. Windows and doors for ventilation and covered with mosquito netting to keep the bugs out are usually built into new tents.

Designs for newer dome tents are innovative as well. Dome floors can be square, rectangular, hexagonal and many other shapes. You will find many family style domes that have separate domes for parents and children. This allows for privacy when camping with the family. When only camping with half the people for the size of the tent the other dome half can be used for storage.

Some models of the double dome styles include a flysheet to connect the sleeping areas. Other models create another entire room that can be used for storage, meals or other family get-togethers. You can even find models that have an enclosed porch that can be larger than the tent that connects to the tent.

One of the drawbacks of dome tents is they are not high enough to stand up straight near the sides. Nevertheless, this type of tent has many advantages to families looking for a good option to spend a weekend at the beach or a longer vacation. They are easy to setup and take down and are typically less expensive than other styles. One tip is to take a look at various designs at your local sporting goods store. Oftentimes you can see tents setup and can get some idea of how roomy they are and how easily they are to load and unload from your vehicle. Take the entire family when seeking a tent to get everyone's opinion. Then get outdoors and enjoy nature.

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