Great New Choices in Pool Slides

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Usually the first thing that people think of when they picture a pool in their head is a diving board. Most pools have one and they are great fun for teens and adults. However; if you have younger kids that are going to be using your pool then you may want to consider the pool slide option as well.

Don't kid yourself either, because once you have a pool slide installed its not just the young kids that will be using it. Even adults from time to time will find themselves going down the slide. However; for younger kids they are so much safer then a diving board, because they are set up in the shallow end of the pool.

One new development in the pool slide arena is the inflatable pool slide. They are kind of hard to picture in your head, so your best bet is to take a look at them online. Basically, they are a giant inflatable plastic balloon slide that is set up temporarily on the side of the pool.

There are also a few models of inflatable pool slides that float out on the water. They are basically a big floating island that the kids climb up on and then take the slide down off of into the water. One thing that you will love about these new inflatable pool slides is their prices, with the cheapest ones running for less than $100.

If you are more interested in a permanently mounted fiberglass pool slide then take a look at the Zooomerang. It retails for around $700 and installs quickly and easily. The Cyclone is another popular model of permanent fiberglass pool slide and it sells for $100 less than the Zoomerang.

Remember that you can have a pool slide installed at any time before, during or after you have your pool work done. Also, another great option if you are considering an above ground pool, is to choose one of the many complete pool kits that are available that include everything that you will need, including a pool slide if you want one.

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