MLM Network Marketing For Struggling Networkers

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Many network marketers are struggling when building their business.
Here are the numbers.
95% of network marketing professionals or direct sales people are failing or haven't reached their income goals.
This isn't just MLM network marketing but traditional business as well.
If network marketing is such a great business, then way are the percentages so high? This is a great question.
MLM network-marketing is a business of leverage and duplication.
This is what makes it so powerful.
Many people who get started typically have no experience.
So the only people they can turn to is their upline or learn from MLM training material.
So they start to work with their upline and he or she will teach them what they were taught even if they are not successful as well.
Even if your upline is a six figure income earner and builds his business one way, doesn't mean that the way he builds his business will work for you as well.
However people who start a network marketing business will not understand this and are looking for a leader and the only leader, they know is the person who got them started.
If the upline leader who gets someone started isn't having any success as well, then you have the blind leading the blind.
However what if your upline is a big success? Then that's great.
For Him or Her! However like I said what works for them will not work for most people they teach their skill set to.
Upline coaches are teaching people tactic like talk to their warm market and buy generic MLM leads that are sold by lead generation companies.
Now I highly suggest that anyone who starts a MLM network marketing business introduce their products or services to people they know of.
I would also suggest that you learn how to do your own marketing and lead generation yourself.
Putting your lead generation into someone else's hands is not wise.
You will have no control over your business.
Whatever you do to build your business, you want to have as much control as possible.
However, when building your business just make sure that what your doing is duplicable and that most people can do it as well.
The failure rate is so high in MLM network marketing because many upline coaches are teaching strategies that most people don't want to do.
If your new in network marketing you will not know this and do what is suggested to you because you don't know how to build a successful MLM network marketing business in the first place.
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