How Important is an Acne Cleanser?

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Step 1- Read as much as you can about healthy eating.
You will need to educate yourself on healthy food choices and the importance of consuming fresh food.
Step 2 - Write down everything you eat in a week - no cheating - this is for your eyes only.
Once this is done, start crossing out the 'bad' foods (fried food, margarine, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, sugar, fast foods, coffee) and leave the 'good' foods (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables, grain, and complex carbohydrates).
Step 3 - Now empty your cupboards and fridge of all of these 'bad' foods - soft drinks, margarine, refined flour and sugary foods like biscuits and cakes and replace with healthy alternatives - fruit and vegetables, plenty of meat, eggs, soy milk, canned fish, dried fruit, nuts (not coked), high fiber foods such as oats.
Whey protein powders are also a great idea and can be mixed with fruit, ice and either water or milk.
The emphasis is on HEALTHY, not low fat.
Concentrate on foods with natural ingredients.
Throw out and don't buy anything with the words 'hydrogenated oil/fat' on the label.
Try not to include too much wheat and dairy - these are the foods most likely to cause allergies.
Step 4 - Invest in a good quality water filter (ideally one that filters out fluoride) so you always have plenty of fresh, clean water available.
Every time you go to open the fridge - have a glass of water.
Because most of our water comes from food, our trips to the fridge are often a search for water rather than food - so make an effort to drink lots of water.
Step 5 - Take a sheet of paper and divide it into five - in the first fifth write 'breakfast', in the next write 'morning meal', then 'lunch', followed by 'afternoon meal' and finally 'dinner'.
Now you have a weight loss program outline.
Step 6 - Start your weight loss program by writing out an eating plan for each of the five sections using the rules of eating "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper".
You can write in anything into each of the sections as long as you write in good, high protein, low carbohydrate foods.
oUseful tips for the main meals of breakfast and lunch: two eggs a day won't change your cholesterol level, chicken with the skin is OK; eat your meat medium rare (turkey breast is an excellent low fat high protein meat); eat fish as much as possible - about 3 times per week; as many vegetables and salads as you like (avoid potatoes and starchy vegetables, and avoid salad dressings) - preferably steamed; only three to four serves of fruit per day because of the sugar) oUseful tips for the 'in-between meals': soups, salads, eggs, smoked salmon and fish, cottage cheese, olives, pickled vegetables, fruit, protein shakes (especially those with extra fibre, a good source of protein such as whey, vitamins and minerals), meat, fish and chicken, butter is fine.
If you can't avoid a slice of bread, make sure you have brown bread, full of grain and fibre and keep the quantity down to one slice per day.
oRemember to take your supplements as part of your weight loss program - preferably all 90 essential nutrients and have an extra dose of liquid minerals ready if you get hunger pangs.
For maximum effectiveness take your supplements with each meal and spread the dose over the whole day.
The addition of a supplement containing Chromium helps control blood sugar and reduces hunger, sweet cravings, and the carbohydrate 'highs and lows'.
oSpecial treats: Life is too short to go without all the 'naughty' things and everyone has their weakness...
so allow yourself to have some 'favourite food' every now and then and look for more suitable alternatives .
for example: 1.
Sorbet or frozen fruit instead of ice cream 2.
Wine instead of spirits (merlot and pinot noir are highest in antioxidants!) - maximum one glass per day; 3.
Herbal teas, green tea or white tea instead of coffee - limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day or every other day if you really can't do without it! 4.
A delicious piece of fruit on its own or in a low fat protein shake instead of a bar of chocolate.
You can also search around for health bars high in protein, low in sugar and with a selection of vitamins and minerals.
Be creative! After a while you won't be craving the 'bad' things anyway.
Step 7 - "EARN YOUR FOOD"! - Remember this statement and you WILL lose weight.
If you plan some type of activity BEFORE your meal you will reap the benefits and become more in tune with your body- even walking to the supermarket or up some stairs counts.
The more you 'burn' in activity, the more you can eat.
Put exercise sessions before meals into your weight loss program as much as you can to fit in with your lifestyle.
Step 8 - Set some time aside each day - 5 to 10 minutes is fine - sit quietly, empty your mind and then when all is calm, visualize your ideal weight and shape and feel gratitude that you have already achieved your goal by using your weight loss program.
Write out a positive statement about your ideal weight and shape and say it when you first wakeup in the morning and before retiring in the evening.
This is a little trick for the subconscious and it will help your weight loss program as well as helping you have a great positive outlook! Step 9 - Make this program part of your long-term lifestyle - your body will adapt and will find its own perfect weight and shape.
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