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What is wrong with MLM? There are so much negativity and it is very obvious the industry has been hurt by many companies that practised front-loading schemes or money games by getting members to buy 10 to 30 profit centres, or disguise themselves as a network marketing company when they are offering a pyramid scheme or those with leader's compensation plan where less than 3% make money and over 97% ask "Where's the money?"

So the truth is there is nothing wrong with MLM, it is the abuse, misconception and misrepresentation of it.

If you are a newbie or a seasoned network marketer or MLMer, you will definitely agree with what I am sharing with you here, the fundamentals and basics of what makes a good MLM business. "Integrity is the essence of everything" - Buckminster Fuller. You got to ask yourself is there integrity in the management, the products or services, the compensation plan and the support system, if your answer is a resounding YES! for all of them, you have a good MLM opportunity in your hands.

Network marketing is the same as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), so I will freely use these terms and for the record MLM is the old name and network marketing is the new name! MLM is a wonderful business based on universal laws and have stood the test of time that it works, You just got to do your due diligence and join the right company that has integriy in these areas which are worth repeating here:

Management - people with integrity who practise what they preach and deliver what they promise.

Products and Services - give great value and quality and truly benefit the people and have stood the test of time.

Compensation Plan - a simple, duplicatable and profitable compensation plan where 97% of the members who are part-timers and smart consumers can easily earn a decent income with decent commitment of time, money and effort.

Support System - a simple and duplicatable support system online and offline where members can use it to grow their business.

MLM like any other businesses takes commitment of time, money and effort and for those who work the business, the business will work for them, it is as simple as that. I speak from 13 years of MLM experience and I am so passionate about it that I've written 10 books on it!

What's wrong with sharing a great product that will make a positive differece to millions of lives worldwide? What's wrong with making decent money from caring and sharing? What's wrong with working smart and leveraging on an organisation with thousands of people? What's wrong with people helping people to build a simple, duplicatable and profitable home-based business?

Here's a simple example, you promote a health supplement that will benefit people greatly and you simply consume it and share it with your loved ones, relatives and friends. Your monthly operation cost is only US$30 a month, that small amount is not going to stressed you out, isn't it?

What business do you know that allows you to operate for only US$30 a month? You simply go on an auto-ship plan and just consume your US$30 a month of this health supplement and start sharing this simple opportunity! Imagine, in two to three years you build a group with 1,000 members, each consuming US$30 a month and this way you will create a US$30,000 group sales volume. The company will happily reward you with a 5% commission for your US$30,000 group sales volume and you will receive US$1,500 a month for your efforts in building the business, what's wrong with that? Did you hurt anybody along the way? In fact you would have helped thousands of people to improve their health and helped them earn a few hundred dollars a month to supplement their income!

My definition of MLM: "A simple, duplicatable and profitable home-based business without the headaches and heartaches of a conventional business."

Copyright (c) 2007 Bruce Seah
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