Caring For Roses Start to Finish

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Our lives are touched by beautiful roses and they are the beloved flower in our gardens.
Sadly, they have the reputation of being difficult to care for.
That doesn't have to be the case.
A few simple tips can make these gorgeous flowers thrive in your garden.
Roses do require care and attention, after learning the right ways to care for them; you'll consider them easy to care for.
The first consideration is watering.
How much water do roses need and when? All plants need water, including roses, which bloom best when well watered.
Roses require at least one inch of water per week.
A good soaking of water not only keeps the plant hydrated but it encourages the roots to burro deep into the soil.
Deep roots keep the plant healthy, stable, and drought resistant.
Proper rose care also includes appropriate fertilizing.
If you have good soil, most species of roses are tolerant of fertilizing only one a year or once every other year.
Plants absorb the nutrients in the soil that is produced by living organisms also in the soil.
If you over-fertilize you can damage the beneficial organisms in the soil and thereby harm the plant's ability to absorb nutrients.
Timing is important.
Gardeners can apply a slow-release fertilizer in early Spring when the plant is coming out of dormancy.
You can also apply a small amount of fertilizer after the blooms disappear.
This is when the rose stores energy for surviving the winter and for starting in the spring.
Don't fertilize after midsummer.
You can fertilize with either organic matter or commercial inorganic fertilizers, although many gardeners prefer a wide variety of organic compost.
If you use an inorganic fertilizer choose a ratio of 5-10-5 or 4-8-4.
Many novice gardeners underestimate the importance of pruning in their care for roses.
This is usually done following winter and the beginning of spring before the rose has had much chance to grow.
Pruning encourages air flow within the plant and helps shape the rose bush into desirable dimensions.
The second time for pruning is just after the blooms have come and gone.
With these times and your tender loving care, you can have beautiful roses with little effort.
The rewards are well worth the time and effort.
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