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Many people earn wages just enough to supply their basic necessities.
But if you truly want to be financially secured, you have to acquire more money than what you're spending - money that you can invest in a business or in other ventures that can propel you to financial freedom.
To be able to do this, you have to start saving early in life.
Here are some pointers regarding saving money: 1.
Set a minimum amount to be saved.
Savings are not meant to cover bill payments should one fall short of cash.
They are intended for financial security.
A little savings, in time, will become big; and it can be used as investment capital to earn more.
Question: "Where will I get the cash I need should I fall short of it?" The answer: "Find other means of earning extra income, say a weekend part-time job.
Any excess cash from one's part-time job can be added to your savings.
Shop only for items needed, not for products that you wanted to buy on impulse.
Think first before you purchase.
Don't fall prey to bargains not needed.
It is not suggested that one should starve or be in a pitiful state.
As a matter of fact, one can reward himself/herself once in a while for accomplishments made.
Review one's lifestyle.
Change or scale down habits that seem to be not-so-wise spending.
For instance, frequent eating in restaurants which is more expensive than homemade cooking can be lessened.
Taking the bus or train when possible, instead of driving one's own car, can save on gas and parking fees.
If one have to drive his/her car, try car pooling with officemates or neighbors; thereby sharing on expenses.
Check your regular monthly bills on utilities like electricity, gas, water, telephone and ask oneself: "Where can I save?" It may take a while to get adjusted to a lifestyle in the "savings" mode, even to the point of "little sacrifices.
" Adapt a gradual, progressive change to save to lessen the impact of adjustment from the lifestyle one used to be accustomed to.
There are more ways of starting the path to a financially secured life by making use of one's creativity.
Remember, little things mean a lot.
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