The Importance Of A Fire Place Screen

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The Importance Of A Fireplace Screen

In the world of fireplace tools and accessories, fireplace screens weren't part of the family until recently, though why they weren't invented before is a bit of a mystery to us. They provide fireplace safety, but the truth is, fire place screens are a more recent addition to fireplace tools. So while you might think that they have been around for as long as the fireplace, fire place screens are an invention that is fairly recent.

At first, fireplace screens were about function over beauty. They weren't pretty home furnishings by any means, but they were important tools for keeping burning logs in the fireplace where they belong. At some point, somebody made the decision to build on the basic idea by making fire place screens useful but also eye catching pieces to guard the family and home from smoldering embers and fire. And why not? You'll see it all the time, shouldn't it be attractive?

The history of the fireplace screen typically reflects the reasons people have them in their homes: safety and attractiveness.

As far as safety goes, there are a few reasons, a few of which you may not have thought of why you want a fireplace screen in front of your fire.

One clear reason to get a fire screen is simple: safety. Logs will split, roll and shift with little warning. If you don't use a fire screen those burning logs may come rolling from the fire place and on to the floor. A fireplace screen that is well positioned can contain the burning log and may save your home from fire damage.

The following reason for a fireplace screen is less obvious. Though you may think that the burning logs controlled, there are always going to be ash and cinders that try to fly off into the air. These burning ashes can can fly into your home without a screen to hold them in. A fireplace screen also keeps other burnt ashes from getting into your house. That means less dirty air and mess in your house. Finally, a fire place screen is a good way to keep children and pets safe, since it forms a wall in front of the fire.

Another fantastic reason to have fireplace screens is because they can be an eye catching part of a room. It might surprise you how many people don't light their fireplaces but love the look of a decorative fire place screen in front of the opening. If you are looking for the fire light to emphasise your fireplace screen, you may want to think about one made of colored or stained glass. Firelight will offer a vivid, colorful glow to fill the room. Another possibility is metal fireplace screens that feature woven designs to create an image or scenery when the fire light shines through it. For households that don't use the fireplace, there are also artist created screens. These hand painted art pieces are meant to be placed before the fireplace. For the most part, these cannot be put in front of a real fire, because the screen could be harmed.

For more information on fire place tools and their uses and benefits, fire place screens with doors and how to measure the opening of your fireplace for the right screen size, or ways to coordinate your fireplace tools for a more unified look, see
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