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Doing away with the weeds: Broadly speaking weeds are mainly of two types, those are perennial and the annual ones.
Fast growing weeds are the annual weeds, which complete their cycle of growth in one season itself, and then come again.
Seeds of annual weeds remain in the soil and come up as and when, even if moisture is not available.
Plants like Great Plantain, white clove, daisies, dandelions and docks are weeding plants.
As far as perennial weeds are concerned their tap roots are long and grow in different lengths under the ground.
Their roots even spread to several feet away and thus these weeds keep reappearing at different places and one may wonder why.
Speedwell weeds, weeds, mouse-ear chickweeds, sea milkwort weeds are some of the examples of weeds that keep appearing in your garden.
Some weeds have very small leaves with tiny hairs on them.
Some of the exceptions are Burdocks and Dandelions, because though the fall into the category of weeds, they have been used by man as medicine as well as food.
We may find in many countries that some of the most commonly found weeds are used as even medicine to cure various illnesses.
A few types of weeds even prevent insects from attacking crops.
Different methods to control wild growth: Some weeds like the healthy turf help in filling the open spaces and barren spaces in surrounding areas.
Soil also is provided with necessary shade due to the manner in which these weeds grown.
We find that many areas that are open and barren are more prone to weeds.
A good mulching agent is grain straw which covers large areas which are bare.
They fill up open areas and cover them.
Seedlings of weeds cannot survive without proper sunlight.
A mower can be used to cut the blades of grass.
Once the grass grows long enough use a mower with sharp blades.
To control weed growth, fertilizers are recommended and controlled watering of the lawn also help.
Herbicides can also be used to control weed growth.
Liquid herbicides penetrate the leaves of weeds and thus destroy them.
Appropriate herbicides can be sprayed with the help of a lawn weed gun which helps in spraying herbicides.
Turf should not be affected by the sprayed herbicides.
If you want your lawn to look beautiful and attractive, you have to put in the right amount of effort.
Mowing regularly, watering the lawn carefully and using the right pesticides and herbicides, you are sure to add beauty to your lawn.
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