Inner Guidance - How to Hear Your Higher Self

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A subscriber to my articles wanted to know more about inner guidance and listening to your higher self.
"Do you actually hear a voice talking to you? Is there only one way to communicate with your higher self?I'm sure there are others like me who would like more information on the topic of how to hear your inner guidance," she wrote.
There are a several ways your higher self can communicate with you.
One way is through your intuition or an intuitive hunch.
I'm certain everyone has experienced receiving an intuitive hunch in the form of a feeling or a thought or words in your head and then either following through with it or ignoring it.
Before I felt confident with inner guidance, there were times when I chose to ignore intuitive hunches, and later regretted it.
I'm sure everyone has experienced this and can recall what this inner guidance sounded or felt like.
Did I actually (audibly) hear a voice that could be recorded on a tape recorder had I had one right next to me?No, I did not hear an audible voice.
I "heard" inaudible words in my head, and sometimes the guidance manifested as a feeling--for which the words came later.
In other words, they were my inner thoughts, a "conversation" I had in my head.
(I am aware that there's a philosophical movement that claims that thoughts are evil, thoughts are your ego, you can get lost in your thoughts, but it's just another tactic that's used to keep you from connecting to your inner power.
Well, it's time to take back your power.
Take back your mind and your ability to think for yourself!) Of course you can have all sorts of thoughts mulling around in your head and what you need to do is to learn how to distinguish your inner guidance from the mental conditionings and beliefs to which you have been subjected ever since you arrived on this planet.
The following questions will help you distinguish your mental conditionings and beliefs (some of which may very well be false) from inner guidance:Where did that thought come from?Is that your higher self speaking to you, or is it something that has been conditioned into you by society, the media, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, religion, the government, Wall Street, corporations, the FDA (the institutions that depend on the status quo)? Is it uplifting, or does it try to keep you in your place? Inner guidance is uplifting and expansive.
Furthermore, it's also what will bring about the Great Shift, a new world, as well as the Golden Age.
Back in the early 2000s when I was searching I attended lectures given by a Catholic priest named Father Charlie Moore who had been dismissed from his profession because of having viewpoints contrary to that of the Catholic Church.
I learned from Father Moore that your inner voice whispers, never commands, and it always sounds like yourself, not like someone else.
For the most part this is true.
However you will never become confident with it until you muster up the courage to follow through with it consistently and in the moment.
So, sometimes inner guidance can show up as hearing yourself think, sometimes in the form of dreams, and sometimes you will get a sign from the universe that's so conspicuous, so in your face you simply can't ignore it.
(It's as if supernatural forces are trying to get your attention.
) I experienced these forms and others many, many times.
I also discovered how to distinguish my intuition from what had been conditioned into me and mustered up the courage to follow through with my guidance.
(The reconnecting process works like an upward spiral: The more you follow through with your inner guidance in the moment, the more you will receive.
) If the topic of inner guidance were easy, I could just write an article or two on it and presto--we'd be all enlightened about it.
But it's not that easy, and it takes a lot of courage to go in this direction.
I wrote a memoir of my reconnecting process, and it's the best place to start to make the process as quick and easy as is possible.
You can learn from my experience with inner guidance, not have to go through years of struggle, as well as build up your courage--simply by reading (and reflecting on) my story.
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