How to Buy a Humidor

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If You Love Cigars, You Need some sort of Humidor

Even if you've only recently started enjoying fine cigars, you should purchase a quality humidor before your collection grows further. The cigar box that came with your cigars is fine for shipping, but it won't keep them in prime condition over over time. As you well fully understand, some cigars need to be kept for 6 and also 7 years before they reach their finest smoking condition. If you don't have a good humidor, that cigar will be ruined before you smoke it.

Decide Which type of Humidor You Require

The first step to purchasing a humidor is choosing where you'll keep it and how big it should be. Do you want one to your home, office, country club, or for travel? If you have a small collection you keep at the club, a 12-to-20-cigar humidor ought to be sufficient. Twelve is very likely best for traveling. An office or house humidor can hold 100 or higher cigars. If you wish to display it on your desk, a 100-cigar humidor that will enhances your d??cor is perfect. If you have more than 200 cigars, then a cabinet humidor may be a better place to help store them. Cabinet humidors can be plain, designed to be kept in the closet, or large decorative boxes suitable for display.

Look for Top quality Workmanship and Materials

Using those decisions made, start out shopping. The best humidors are constructed of wood dried to a 6% moisture content. The wood should be solid hardwood, not plywood. The finish should be smooth, no cracks or lumps. Travel humidors can be made out of metal to protect both the cigars and the condition from damage. If possible, carry your travel humidor over the plane, but it ought to be safe in your suitcase too.

The humidor's lining should be Spanish cedar or Honduran mahogany. Spanish cedar is not the same as the cedar lining your closet. Closet cedar is much too strong for matches.

A Good Humidor Maintains Ideal Conditions

The humidor ought to be large enough to support your cigars comfortably and loosely. If you enjoy more than one kind of cigar, find a humidor with dividers to keep the tastes from bleeding together. Check the closed lid to verify the box seals stringently when full.

Most humidors come with a hygrometer and some types of humidification device. The hygrometer will be either an analog dial or maybe a digital read-out that displays the humidity level of the box. Both operate equally well, so it's simply matter of personal selection. Humidification devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. You'll frequently see tubes filled with distilled water or humidification fluid and plastic rectangles that includes humidification crystals. A larger humidor may have an electronic humidifier to accurately maintain the humidity between 70 and 72%.

Proper Humidor Repair Is Key

Once you receive the humidor and get the hygrometer and humidification device conditioned using the instructions, you should let the box humidify just the summer days before adding matches. Keep the humidor faraway from sources of direct heating, air condition, direct natural light, and drafts. All four will dry out the box and may well damage the cigars on the inside. You should open the humidor every couple of days to let fresh air circulate in the box.

A humidor is the only way to store and maintain your cigars in their adequate condition. Quality humidors don't ought to be expensive. You can find an attractive humidor at an inexpensive price and spend the others of your money on amazing cigars and other necessary cigarette accessories.
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