Considering Baby Groups?

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Nobody likes to be the new person in the room.
It's uncomfortable to have new eyes looking at you and new names to remember; many new moms find joining baby groups daunting for this very reason.
But sometimes it's important to remember that we've all been there at some point, and taking that first step through the door could be the beginning of some very special friendships.
Moms need company too One new mom spoke of the early days with her son and believes that joining a baby group helped her to come to terms with her son's traumatic birth.
'I felt so low after he was born' she says.
'I couldn't face another day on my own so I decided to go along to my local mother and baby group...
today, we meet up regularly for coffee or swimming and both my son and I have made friends for life.
Many moms choose to stay at home with their baby for at least the duration of their maternity leave, but often it is difficult to appreciate how isolating and lonely that time can be.
Whilst your baby undoubtedly is the most beautiful and fascinating small person around, chances are you will find that eventually you need some other company too.
Talking to other parents and meeting new faces can make a huge difference to both you and your baby.
Adults need adult conversation and often chatting to other new moms can open many new and exciting doors.
Benefits for you and baby Joining a baby group is your chance to join a special community, especially if your existing circles of friends aren't parents themselves.
At a mother and baby group it is perfectly fine to talk about the color of dirty diapers and frequency of vomit.
Nobody is going to change the subject because it's a topic that you all have in common.
Baby groups are also a great way for your baby to meet other babies and start to learn the important skills of socializing, such as sharing, interacting with other adults and their peers and learning to take turns.
Joining a baby group is also helpful if you've recently moved to a new area- you can make new friends and find your way around a lot more easily with a friend to guide you.
Go for it So, now that you've decided to brave it and you've found your local group, how do you make that first step through the door? You might want to just go for it- open the door, walk in and introduce yourself.
However, if you're not blessed with super confidence whilst also being possibly dressed in sweat pants and covered in milk and/ or baby sick, there are other ways to make that first step a little easier.
If you know another parent, get them to come along with you and help break the ice with two hammers instead of one.
Another mom recalls that 'I forced myself to remember that they were all once in the same position as me and if they weren't friendly, I always had my baby to talk to!' If you feel the need to, hide behind your baby.
Most parents are unable to ignore a new baby in a group so even if the conversation starts with some 'coos' and 'aahs', at least a conversation has started! Another top tip is to introduce yourself to the group leader and ask if you can help set the room up- that way you are actively involved in the session and other moms may not know you are new.
However you brave it, baby groups have been proven to provide relief to many parents and make the difference between feeling lonely and enjoying the precious time with your baby.
Be friendly, make friends and remember- when a new face shows up, make them welcome!
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