How to Spot Crystal Meth Abuse in Teenagers

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Crystal meth abuse used to be concentrated in women, usually in their late 20s or older because the drug purportedly triggers weight loss. Today, though, younger individuals are also abusing the street drug, and the abuse doesn't just include women. Males too are now susceptible to crystal meth abuse.

Derived from methamphetamine, crystal meth is a street drug that now causes a lot of parents great unease. They now have to live by the fact that any adolescent could succumb to drug dependence out of peer pressure or other problems which may lead them to think of crystal meth abuse as a form of escape. How would you know if your own child is already addicted to ice? How can you get help?

The first signs of crystal meth abuse include rapid weight loss especially around the face, insomnia followed by "crashes" or sleeping for days, extreme mood swings, promiscuity, and signs of self-inflicted scratches. Those who have been into crystal meth abuse may suffer from heart failures if not treated, brain damage, a higher risk of getting STDs (meth causes a raise in the libido), extreme tooth decay, and muscle breakdown. According to physicians, crystal meth abuse is the most difficult to treat among substance abuse cases because crystal meth is usually homemade. The volume of methamphetamine can vary from one stash to the next.

This also makes crystal meth abuse very dangerous. While one stash may be mild enough to just give you a temporary high, another stash can kill you. The scratch marks that are found in most teens succumbing to crystal meth abuse are caused by the crawling sensation that they feel when they overdose on the drug.

It's very rare for a teen or anyone that's into crystal meth abuse to actually ask for help, so if your teen is suffering from this addiction, you'll have to step in and bring him/her to the rehab center. If you can't do it yourself, don't worry. Most rehab centers have interventionists, and these professionals can help you transport your addicted teen from your home to the rehabilitation facility.
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