Your Ex Boyfriend - Make Him Chase You Again and Pull Him Back Into Your Arms

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Do not contact them

In order to get your boyfriend back, the first thing you must do is stop talking to him. Yes. You read that right. This is whats known as the "no contact" rule, and it will make your ex mad with desire for you. It will be incredibly hard, as your heart is telling you to call them and pour your feelings out, but you must resist. It's very important!

Keep busy, but stay in touch with your ex

Ok, you can breathe again! If you have waited a few days to a week, it's ok to contact them again. Do not give them too much space, but at the same time don't be all up in their face. Be casual, playful, lighthearted, think of it almost as if your just meeting them again, like your starting over. Whatever you do do NOT talking about the breakup, or be sad, depressed or mope, this will drive them away. They found you attractive once, so chances are they still do.

Reattraction phase

Be a feel good person for your boyfriend, push all his attraction buttons. You known how to get your boyfriend back. Better then anyone else, you know what attracts them, what they like and do not. So use this to your advantage, be that person you know your boyfriend loves!

Suggesting a casual date

This is the last step in how to get your boyfriend back. If everything has worked up to this point, it is time to take it up a notch and ask them out on a date. Be sure its casual, simple, think like a friend date, something where you can both laugh, not a romantic dinner or movie.

Fixing the relationship

It's not impossible to get your boyfriend back. Follow these simple steps, and you and your ex should be well on your way to happiness!

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