Evinrude Outboard Tune Up Specs

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    • The tune-up specifications for Evinrude outboard motors include the ignition timing adjustment, the idle speed -- which is electronically controlled in motors above 70-horsepower, the magneto breaker point gap for the smallest Evinrudes -- the Colt and Colt Jr., and the valve clearance for both intake and exhaust valves for all motors.

    Ignition Timing Specifications

    • Set the timing for 30-horsepower and 55-horsepower motors between 0 to 2 degrees after top dead center, or ATDC, at a motor speed of 725 rpm to 775 rpm, and 18 degrees to 20 degrees before top dead center, or BTDC, at 4,500 rpm to 5,000 rpm. For 60-horsepower to 70-horsepower motors, set the timing between 1 degrees and 4 degrees ATDC at a motor speed of between 750 rpm and 850 rpm; at 4,500 rpm to 6,000 rpm, set the timing at between 18 degrees and 20 degrees, BTDC. Set the timing for motors above 70-horsepower at 1 to 4 degrees ATDC at a motor speed of between 750 rpm and 875 rpm and 19 degrees BTDC at 5,500 rpm to 6,000 rpm.

    Idle Speed Specifications

    • Set the idle speed for 30-horsepower and 55-horsepower motors between 725 rpm and 775 rpm. Set the idle speed for motors 60-horsepower to 70-horsepower at 750 rpm to 850 rpm. The idle speed in motors above 70-horsepower is pre-set and controlled by the motor's electronic control unit, and is non-adjustable.

    Magneto Breaker Point Gap Specifications

    • Set the breaker point gap for the smaller 2-horsepower, 2.3-horsepower and 3.3-horsepower Colt Jr. motors with a 22 microfarad to 26 microfarad capacitor, at 0.008 mm. Set the breaker point gap for the 3-horsepower and 4-horsepower Colt, with an 18 MFD to 22 MFD capacitor, to 0.022 mm.

    Valve Clearance Specifications

    • Set the valve clearance to 0.003 mm at intake and 0.005 mm at exhaust, for motors up to 9.9-horsepower that were built after 1998. For those built prior to 1998, set the valve clearance to 0.004 mm at intake and 0.006 mm at exhaust, for the 9.9-horsepower and 15-horsepower motors. For 25-horsepower to 50-horsepower motors, set both intake and exhaust at 0.009 mm. For motors 70-horsepower and above, set intake at 0.005 mm and exhaust at 0.006 mm.

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