How to Use Jealousy to Bring Your Ex Back

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When that person you adored has sent you packing in a relationship, you may have tried anything you could think of to get them back.
But have you used jealousy? While it's a dangerous road to take on, you may be able to use jealousy to bring your ex back.
Here's the way this works.
When it comes to emotions, there are a lot of variables at play.
For example, while your ex may have been filled with anger over something you did or said that caused the break up, their caring for you also fuels that anger.
They are hurt because you are not being who they wanted you to be.
The important thing to note here is that they still have emotions in relation to you.
These are the emotions you are about to use to win them back.
While your ex may be mad at you, that doesn't mean they don't still love you and care for you.
If that is the case they will not want to see you running off with someone new, as they still want you in their life, although they may not act like it.
In this case if you are dating someone new it may remind them how much they want you and bring them back to you.
Make sure this is really the right path before you take it as it can also backfire.
It is very possible that your ex may give up, thinking you have moved on, or even be angry to see you dating someone new and decide to write you off.
Additionally, there are the emotions of a new person you will be bringing into play.
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