Different Types of Wedding Favours

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Choosing the right wedding is an enriching experience.
This is because you are thinking of sharing your blessings and happiness to your guests in your wedding.
This is also because you appreciate their presence and support on one of the special moments in your life where you are the star and the main focus of every guest's attention.
What you need is a general knowledge of what are the different types of wedding favours where you can choose the specific type to choose the right favour.
There are basically three groups of wedding favours.
These groups are basically based on the purpose for each of them and their functions.
The first group is the souvenirs.
If you chose this group your main intention is to give your guests a memento of your wedding.
The second group is useful favours.
These are the favours that the guests can use.
And the last group encompasses all the yummy wedding favours.
In order to focus on whether you want your wedding favours to be specially made by you and your groom or will be delivered by the provider you need to choose the right wedding favours from your group.
This is a necessary step so that you can determine the packaging.
This can also help you address the concerns regarding the giving of these gifts since if you choose CD's and DVD's as souvenirs you need a technical team to work on it and to personalize it for the guests as well as the delivery period will be after the wedding.
The first group includes the souvenirs.
You can choose from picture albums of you and your husband including the date and time of the wedding.
You can also add notes, poems and letter of gratitude to these souvenirs.
Some popular souvenirs include glass figures or wooden figures, candles, candle holders, figurines, doves, bells and the like.
This is pretty traditional since it is almost always practiced everywhere.
You can personalize it by putting your name and your groom's name in it.
These souvenirs are usually displayed in your guest's house as a memento of your wedding.
If they see these they will be able to remember the special day in your life.
The second group is the useful wedding favours.
These wedding favours can be used by the gifts after the wedding.
Examples of these are calendars, magnets, notepads, pens, stationary, letter opener, clocks and the likes that the recipient can use it every day of his life.
It may not be able to work for a lifetime but the important thing is it was able to serve the recipient and make him remember your big day.
These can be personalized by putting your names on it and pasting pictures in there too.
Even poems and adage can be added in the clocks or calendars.
The last group is the yummy treats which are simply irresistible.
Heart-shaped chocolates and other sweets can be used as a wedding favour.
You can personalize these chocolates by asking your provider to specially place your name and your groom's name on the chocolates.
They can also place your picture in the books and you can choose from the containers and personalize them.
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