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Updated January 14, 2015.

Below are sources for the signs for the words from old testament to one minute. Some of the sources are online, and others may be in print. More words can be found in the master Sign Language Reference Guide.

The Sign Language Word Reference Guide lists words found in sign language dictionary resources online, along with links to the dictionaries that have the sign. Each dictionary presents signs differently -- some have video, others have graphic illustrations or animated graphics.

In addition, has several mini sign language guides for signs for things such as animals, body parts, colors, numbers, school, and more. Plus, there are mini sign language guides for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day.


oneNumber Signs Gallery

The signs for the words below can be found in the sign language dictionaries mentioned in Sign Language Dictionaries Online:
old testament
once in a while
one another
one dollar
one hour
one minute

Sign Language Word Reference Guide

Oar - ObstructObtain - OffOffer - Old FashionedOld Testament - One MinuteOne Month - OpenOpen Door - OppressOptimistic - OrganizeOriental - OutdoorsOut of the Way - OverflowOverhead Projector - Oxygen

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