Tips to Potty Train Your Cat

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It's not an impossible feat to potty train your feline friend.
Sure it will take time to do so, but you on the other hand can learn to train your cat in no time.
Although there are numerous methods that work, you must remember to remain patience.
If you can embed in your mind the fact that you won't have a toilet trained cat overnight, then you will most likely be successful.
Because cats are intelligent animals.
But unlike humans, a cats behavior is dictated by its instincts.
It is necessary to train out a cats instinct to scratch and cover the urine and feces.
That is the first task at hand before toilet training your cat.
There are a variety of products out there designed to aid you in toilet training cats.
Although, you may do this without the need for monetary expenditure.
It might take more time and stress your cat a bit more, but it is still possible.
Products that are designed to toilet train cats often come with inserts that fit into the toilet.
The insert makes it possible for your cat to use cat litter.
This insert will act as a litter box and will be treated like one by your cat when it becomes familiar with it.
This is by far the most important step.
Your cat will need to get accustomed to using the toilet seat while it does its business.
Your system at home will have to allow for a similar kind of training.
You may even place a shallow pail that will fit right under the toilet seat.
If you are using a spare bathroom, you can even turn the toilet water off while you're training your cat.
You can turn it back on, once your cat has progressed.
Once your cat is accustomed to your homemade trainer or the insert, you can move on to the next step.
This will require you to place a hole on your device or the insert.
Make the hole bigger and bigger as the weeks progress.
While your progress in toilet training your cat, it will bet used to the lesser and lesser amounts of litter until it is completely gone.
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