Keep Your Contents Safe While Motorhoming

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Keeping your motorhomes contents safe is an important task, but one that doesn't require any time spent worrying, just a little spent preparing.
With more and more motorhomers choosing to bring items such as LCD TV's, DVD players and laptops along with them when travelling, the value of a motorhomes contents is higher than ever.
The first and simplest step you can take is to only pack the items you are sure you'll need, and whilst you could describe a TV as an essential item thanks to the unreliable British weather, items such as designer clothing or expensive jewellery (other than what you wear on a daily basis) are probably not needed for the average motorhoming trip, so would be best left at home.
Another easy step is to make sure the valuables you do bring are never left on show - you wouldn't encourage someone to leave a handbag on display in your car, so why leave it on show in your motorhome? Many new motorhomes come with security devices such as intruder alarms, which are a great way to protect your belongings and deter would-be thieves.
Whilst on a busy campsite an activated motorhome alarm siren is likely to catch the attention of a neighbouring caravan or motorhome owner and there's a good chance a thief won't hang around to get caught in the act.
If your motorhome doesn't have an alarm fitted then most motorhome dealerships will be happy to fit an alarm system for you.
Make sure you opt for a recognised Thatcham Category 1 approved alarm system.
These systems do usually cost a little more than non approved alarms but Thatcham accreditation is a sign that a device has been tested rigorously for reliability and against known breaking in methods employed by thieves.
These alarm systems link to the engine immobiliser and also have door contacts on the motorhome cab and habitation doors, as well as movement PIR sensors that trigger if thieves do actually get inside the motorhome.
Indeed some alarms also offer personal security as they can be set at night so they trigger if a burglar tries to force the external doors.
Some insurers will also give you up to a 20% discount on your insurance premium for having one of these systems professionally fitted.
Whilst on the subject of insurance, most insurers will cover you for motorhome equipment (defined as anything used solely in the motorhome such as TV's, gas bottles, portable generators, pots and pans) but personal items such as laptops, cameras and iPods are classed as "high risk items" and are not normally covered under standard motorhome insurance.
However, your home contents insurance should be able to provide away from home cover for these items provided you have the correct level and value of cover in place.
Of course, most holiday parks in the UK are very safe and the majority of motorhomers will never encounter a theft, but by taking simple precautions you can stop yourself being victim to an opportunistic thief.
As well as keeping items safe whilst out and about touring, make sure you protect your belongings when not your motorhome is not in use or in storage by removing anything of value - they'll be a lot safer tucked away in the loft or spare room rather than sat inside your motorhome.
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