Looking And Seeing

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For those of you that did English in school this sounds like a vac topic right? And intelligent teachers at the time told us to run away from vac topics. Now I know why they had to do that, you do not know what is required in the case of a vac topic. Only the one who came out with the vac topic knows what it is looking for. So we are not going to be talking today about your normal looking, we are going to be seeing looking defining life.


The section of the human body involved in looking is called the eyes. I love what the eyes is able to do with the Brian, that is why I did Biology back in my school days. The section of the Brian connected to the eyes is called the visual cortex. Each time you look at something, the visual cortex produces thousands of images about what you have looked at and define them at the same time to you. That is why some people have problems with colour, because your visual cortex has to be able to define all these things to you at the same time.


We are not here today to talk about your visual cortex section of the Brian, we are going to be talking about your visual cortex section of what you see in life when you look. Some one reading this article today might say it is written by a black man, what can a black man tell me, blacks were slaves, blacks are not intelligent, and someone might just read it through for the pleasure of reading, yet someone might read it and not understand, and yet someone might read it and find somebody giving out something it is not suppose to give.


Which one of these are you? When you look at life what do you see? do you see blacks? Do you see whites? Do you see men? Do you see women? Or do you see the one. Every thing man has discovered and gone through was brought about by one man ( women do not feel excluded when I talk about man, the Earth is define by man).


Do not sit all-day working for a company expecting to make it through life, do not sit all-day scamming people thinking you are smart, do not sit all-day stealing money from the Government because you know how to do that and come out clean. All these things feel good at the beginning but in the long run it will wear you out, it as the potential to send you to jail and even kill you.


Do not sit all-day trying to overall the Government of the United States Of America. For those of you that know what America is, that is mission impossible right? Come out find out something only you have seen. Every body might be looking at a human need but only you is bold enough to see that human need. Take some time study it and define it. What if you have to redefine it. You might see something people wrongly looked at, redefine it.


What are we trying to come out with today, we are trying to come out with the one. If you are able to see something that nobody else was able to see, then you become the one. And you know the one is always followed by others. The biggest Entertainment industry today (Hollywood) was founded by one man. If Hollywood stops today, Americas Economics drops.


You want to leave something behind that your 14 generation will be proud of you. Do not sit home thinking down on yourself, do not let anybody define you. Go into some deep study and bring up a life principle man will have no choice but to live on. Define it and it becomes you. That is the end of my story.


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