Retail Management Interview Tips

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      If you are getting prepared for a retail management job interview then there are a few things you will need to take into account. A retail company is looking for someone who is confident, flexible, a leader and has experience in the retail industry. When you step into the office for your interview you want to have as many bases covered for yourself as possible so that you make the right first impression. Preparing for your interview can help increase your chances of getting a retail management job.

    Research the Company

    • A retail manager is expected to know company policies, procedures and products thoroughly. One of the ways you can impress the company is to have as much knowledge upfront as possible. Visit the store and look around to see what kinds of products they sell, what signs are on the wall dictating company policies and pay attention to announcements that may let you know how some of the departments work. You can find information at your local library or on the Internet about the history of the company, the products it is best known for and also any negative aspects of the company. Show that you did your homework and that will give the impression that you are already thinking like a retail manager.

    Know the Position

    • A retail management candidate will get considerably different kinds of questions than a floor employee would get. Prepare answers for questions about topics such as what you perceive the duties of a manager to be, the method or style of management you prefer to use and how you would react in situations such as firing an employee or dealing with an angry customer. The more you prepare your answers, the more confident you can sound when giving them.

    Your Stories

    • Retail management is a very situational position. Because you deal with the public all day you are put into unique situations on a regular basis. Prepare stories about how you dealt with a difficult customer, how you punished an incompetent employee, how you helped to diffuse a customer confrontation with an employee that was getting out of hand and how your approach to your job helped you to handle a crisis situation. The company is just as interested in how you personally handled bad situations as they are in how well you know the retail management position.

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