Can You Make $1000 a Day on the Internet?

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Well, it's all a question of simple arithmetic.
To make $1000 a day you need to make 40 sales that net you $25 each, or 25 sales that net you $40 each, every day.
Can this be done? What niche? Some are better than others Well to a large extent it depends what niche you're proposing to operate in.
There are some niches that just don't pay any money.
Without going into specific examples I'm thinking of the sorts of areas likely to be of interest to: a) children - children don't have any money b) students - ditto c) people looking to save money/cut costs d) unemployed/homeless So, generally, (and remember that everything I'm saying here is a generalization) we're looking at employed people.
Now, what do they spend their money on? a) their hobbies and sports b) their children c) their pets d) trying to make more money e) their health f) dating How many visitors? In a nutshell, these are the areas we need to focus on.
For many of these niches, a 2.
5% conversion rate is a reasonable figure.
So, to make 25 sales (of $40 each) we need 1000 hits a day.
And these need to be targeted visitors (those with a potential interest in buying what you have to offer).
So now you need to go and hit the Google keyword tool and see if you can pin down some keywords that will bring you 1000 of these people every day (if you're on page one of the Google results).
There are no hard and fast rules here, which is what makes internet marketing so fascinating, but you'll find that, although it won't be easy, it is eminently do-able.
You will need to know exactly what you're doing though, or you'll never manage it.
So get yourself some first class training before you even start.
Be rigorous and persevere, then you can make $1000 a day every day and every day after that too.
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