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Truck tents are meant to fit at the back of a regular family truck and are simply a great choice if convenience is all that the user is looking for.
Perfect for a road trip or even for an undisturbed weekend in the woods, truck tents have evolved with the rising need of travelers and adventurers who seek a quick bohemian escapade.
Truck tents can be customized according to the kind of truck the user owns.
Some tents are built in order to fit on top of any truck and therefore come with a hefty price tag attached.
Meant to be extremely durable, truck tents are usually available in nylon and polyurethane and also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
They are mostly windproof as well as waterproof, but using these tents in a monsoon-like climate wouldn't be a good bet.
Light in weight, these tents are usually designed to fit two adults.
Some even vouch for space that can fit two adults as well as two children.
Whatever the case, the most significant drawback (if it can be called a drawback at all) that a truck tent has, would be the space.
Even if a particular truck tent is built for four people, it would usually mean four people cramped within their sleeping bags with hardly any space to move.
However, the ones designed for two people are a shade better since they generally tend to have some extra room, at least for a duffel bag.
Truck tents mostly have mesh windows for proper ventilation and some even come with great accessories like a changing room, a soft foam mattress (that can be inflated and deflated at will), pillows, mosquito nets and even a ladder.
Placed firmly on a roof rack, they keep the vehicle cool since the roof is not exposed to direct sunlight.
However, the mounting straps of a truck tent may damage the body of the truck and so utmost care should be taken while it is installed at the back of the vehicle.
In spite of such drawbacks, truck tents are the first choice amongst travelers who cherish their freedom.
It is the best possible option if one wants to stop in the middle of a cross country ride and camp anywhere one wants to.
While choosing camp tents, there are a few things that should be remembered carefully.
Besides his budget, the potential buyer must consider the size and capacity of his truck.
Some truck tents have sewn in floors while others have no floors at all.
In case of a sewn in floor, things have to be unloaded from the truck bed before the tent is installed.
Tents without floors thus, are easier to install and clean.
The fact however remains that be it a truck tent with a sewn in floor or a tent with no floor, truck tents are a wonderful travel accessory that breeds a race of travelers who don't mind spending a night in the middle of nowhere, preferring to get lost in the wilderness.
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