Trying to Conceive After Tubal Reversal - What Should Concern You?

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In the midst of the this crazy time of year, I'd like to invite you to pause a moment, take a deep breath, and take a little time trip with me.
Let's pretend that it is now one year from today.
How many articles have you written in the last year? How many prospects, and how much more publicity and profits have you had because of our article writing and marketing? Now come back to the present with me, and let's make a plan for your article goals.
Setting article goals Most people think of their article goals as a "when I get around to it" kind of thing.
This is much like the I'll save some money when I get around to it kind of approach.
You never get around to it because the money is always spent and gone.
So let's drop that appoach that does not work, and pick up one that does.
In my experience, a minimum goal you should set is one article a week.
You can really do much more than that, but let's start there just to have a starting point.
Now consider this - if you write just one article a week for a year, by this time next year, you will have 52 articles working for you.
Not bad at all.
3 simple & powerful steps Step 1 - Write it down.
Do not just keep it in your head.
Write it down.
The weakest ink is still better than the strongest memory.
Write it down.
Step 2 - Tell people that will hold you accountable.
It is all too easy to let yourself down, because it is hard to be embarrassed in front of yourself.
It's harder to let others down, because you can be embarrassed in front of others.
Step 3 - Take action.
Take all the actions necessary to write an article a week.
Schedule the time.
Make a list of ideas and topics.
Do at least one a week.
See you back here in a year with your 52 or more articles.
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