My Favorite Last Minute Closing Technique

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Today I want to share my absolute favorite technique for making a close.
As a salesman I have made many large and many small orders.
It is one of the best feelings in the world to make an order and it really doesn't matter the size.
The size of the kick is equal to how much work it took to make the order.
The deals I have made that have made me the happiest are all orders that were for the lowest price we can offer.
I have really had to fight for the deal.
Well my favorite technique is kind of special, but it works well as a last effort to make the deal.
Let me paint you the scenario: You are talking to a customer and can't really find their sweet spot.
Your arguments aren't exactly what they need to hear.
You hear that they are starting to tire of the conversation and are about to hang up/ask you to leave, it feels like you want to do something but you don't really have the chance.
Now you can do three things, the usual is;You hang up/leave and don't make a deal or you can keep talking and make the customer angry and not make a deal.
My favorite, I call it the "Hail Mary Pass", works at least sometimes: Hail Mary comes from Football (American football).
Now how can we use this in sales? When you are in the situation above.
You are losing the customer.
Just when they are about to hang up, SHOUT; something.
Your best offer...
or some other hook you know really works.
For example you can shout "I'll give you half off!" If nothing else you will have caught the attention of the customer and more than twice I have had a customer say "Ok, you have a deal".
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