How Warm Should an Incubator Be for Ducks?

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    • Heat your incubator to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or as close to it as possible. The humidity level should be right at 55 percent. Moisture levels are almost as important as air temperature. If the humidity is too low, put a small bowl or cup of water into the incubator. If it's too high, open the ventilation slightly. Check the temperature frequently to ensure there's not much daily variation inside the incubator.


    • Turn the eggs frequently, between four and seven times daily. Duck eggs take between four and five weeks to hatch. After 25 days, the temperature should be dropped to 99 degrees and humidity raised to 65 percent. Check the eggs with a bright light; if there's no sign of life, dispose of the eggs.


    • Increase the humidity to 80 percent when the ducklings begin to hatch. After the hatch is through, decrease the temperature to 97 degrees and drop the humidity to 70 percent. Open the vents at least halfway. Remove the ducklings from the incubator when most of them are dry.

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