Women"s Sexual Fantasies

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If you are thinking that women don't waste their time with all kinds of erotic fantasies, think again.
Women are experts when it comes to dreaming with their eyes open and you can be sure that they don't restrain themselves to the traditional dreams.
The top ten sexual fantasies women have include almost everything, from fetishes to group sex and you would be surprised to find out that the representatives of the beautiful gender don't think of ordinary scenarios only.
Most of them spend a lot of time hoping for their partners to fulfill their wishes.
Apparently, the most frequently encountered fantasy is that of being a private dancer.
Most of the women wouldn't have the courage to strip in a public place, but the first sexual fantasy is definitely a private dance.
The woman will love to enchant her partner with an erotic dance.
Why? The man's enthusiasm shows her that he finds her attractive and that the woman is in control.
Then, she might have some negative things to say if her partner suggested recording themselves on a tape, but she might have thought of that herself, too.
Unfortunately, women think of their physical aspect too much to be able to do something like this.
Therefore, it is unlikely for them to have such an initiative.
Other women take this scenario a lot further and dream of them being watched by others while having sexual relations with their partner.
Last but not least, a lot of women like being raped.
A lot of psychologists consider that this fantasy allows the woman to experience wild sex without feeling guilty afterwards.
Having sexual fantasies denotes a wish to let go of all the possible inhibitions and to do things you cannot do or don't do on a regular basis.
Everything has to be new and these fantasies grant women that.
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