Attraction Resulting From Pre Selection and Propinquity

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Some say that attraction is the force the draws two beings together.
This is the kind of force a magnet generates in order to draw metallic objects towards it.
Unfortunately, unlike magnets that possess that inherently possess this kind of force, humans have to work in order to generate attraction.
If you are a man, then you are very well aware that in order for a woman to be attracted to you, you need to take action.
For inexperienced males, generating attraction may seem like a real challenge.
However, for those who have mastered the tricks of the trade, generating attraction is as simple as counting numbers.
According to a research study, women tend to prefer men that other women are already drawn to.
For example, if some woman is attracted to you and she is smiling sweetly at you, chances are the woman you are interested in may also be attracted to you.
This is a process called pre-selection.
It does not really matter whether they are smiling at you because the like you or simply because they know you, women will usually interpret this as attraction.
More women smiling at you may also mean that more women are attracted to you.
Therefore, if you to attract more women then make more women smile at you by being social and cordial.
Propinquity on the other hand has nothing to do about smiling.
Instead, propinquity is about proximity or distance.
It is believed that men and women who are in close proximity with each other most of the time will eventually become attracted to each other.
Close proximity can come in different forms.
It can be living on the same floor in an apartment building, working in the same office or living in the same block.
Therefore, if you want attraction you will have to induce pre-selection and make use of propinquity.
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