Will a Secret Career Document Help Land You a Job?

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People always ask me what a Secret Career Document is and will it really help me with my job interview.
Anything that makes you stand out in a crowd of job applicants in a competent light is a good thing.
Whether it is the New Year or any other time of the year, if your job search has hit a slump you must regroup and rethink your entire plan of action.
If the regular route of resume, cover letter and interview have not been giving you the results you want, than what will? First and foremost you want to make sure everything that you have been doing is as best as it can be.
1) When was the last time your resume was updated? Are you a good enough writer to create a resume that will improve your chances at getting noticed, something that stands out and puts you on the interview pile? If you think you need help, you can hire a professional or a friend who has had luck with getting interviews from their own resumes.
By all means don't just copy the free resumes you find on the internet, how do you know they will work? 2) The good news is that it isn't really the resume that makes or breaks you getting the interview.
Just think, they are all pretty much the same and if your resume stands out too much than that just means you are probably over-qualified for the position and that isn't a good thing.
The real way to get noticed is having a cover letter that grabs attention in the first place and makes the HR manager actually read your resume.
You want to stand out in the right way, steal some tricks from professional copywriters who know how to steer the reader to what is important and make them think "I want to know more".
If you haven't so far, get an Amazing Cover Letter put together so the interview offers start rolling in and you at least get a chance at the next and most important step, the interview.
3) Take preparation for the interview seriously, that means research the company, the founders/owners, the goals and mission of the company, think about how your career goals mesh with those of the company's (are you sure it is a good fit?).
Even though this seems obvious make sure you know how to get to the interview ahead of time so you are not late.
Make a dry run if appropriate.
Make sure you have Two alarms waking you up if it is an early morning interview.
Most importantly bring to the interview something that will make your interviewer sit up and take notice of you over anyone else they may have seen that day, maybe even hire you on the spot! What would that special something be? It is the Secret Career Document of course.
And while not actually called that it is referred to as that because for many it has become the Secret Job Interview Weapon that virtually eliminates the competition unless they have one too.
What it actually is if you haven't heard of it before is a 30/60/90 day action plan of what you will bring to the company if you are the one hired.
It allows the interviewer to imagine you actually filling the position and what that would be like.
If you are in sales, will you bring in X amount of new accounts each month or increase your sales by a certain percentage for the next three months.
What did you improve or bring to the table at your last job...
this is a visual of you bringing your expertise to your new job or at the very least your ambition.
It shows you are goal orientated, work with deadlines and have a vision of yourself already being a team player for company ABC.
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