Simple Ideas to Decorate a Birthday Cake for a Boy

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    • Stenciling is a simple technique that can be used while decorating a birthday cake. Simply frost the cake, then lay the stencil over the top. Powdered sugar is then sifted over the stencil, taking care not to get it around the outer edges of the stencil. Fine colored sugars used in cookie decorating could also be used. This method takes little time and effort.

    Icing and Candies

    • You can also add decoration to a cake by icing around the base and top edges of the cake. Again, you frost the cake before beginning this process. Using a color to coordinate with the cake or party theme, you then add the icing using a cake decorating tip. Pre-made candies, purchased at the grocery store, can then be added to the cake top. Some of these candies may even provide space for candles to be inserted.

    Simple Ideas

    • For a child who loves cheesecake, why not sprinkle the top of one with mini chocolate chips rather than using other decorations. You could also halve cherries and place them around the perimeter of the circle, or slice strawberries and do the same. Spooning a dollop of whipped topping on each slice of cake, and then adding a whole strawberry on top of that, is another option.

      Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a tasty option for a birthday cake on their web site It is a type of cake that they call Layered Ice Cream Cake, and uses ice cream sandwiches as the base. Syrups, whipped topping and candy bars decorate this cake for a nice effect.

      Frosting a bundt or angel food cake is another option. Confectioners' sugar can then be sifted over the top of the cake, and berries placed around the bottom of the cake. Or you can drizzle a fruit syrup over your cake choice, and serve each piece with real fruit and some whipped topping.

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