Danger!Hazards to Avoid When Walking Your Dog

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Shield your dog from serious injury...
death even! It's time to arm yourself with a few valuable lessons that will keep you and your pet healthy and safe.
Walking your dog can be an enjoyable time designed for both of you.
It ought to be a time for your pet to experience new-found sights and sounds and for you to slow down from your hectic day.
Why is it then, we hear so many stories of mishaps and problems associatedwith dog walking? Dogs run over by vehicles...
Dogs being harmed by what they ingest in their wanderings.
Life is crammed with challenges - walking the dog shouldn't be one of them.
Some attentiveness goes a long way to keeping your pet and yourself happy and carefree.
Following is an actual instance of a regular dog walking gone off beam.
The calamity may possibly have been avoided completely had proper precautions been taken.
This is your opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.
Maybe you won't utter the words, "I made a great big mistake!" Below are a few clear-cut tips to help you and your dog stay healthy and safe.
It's a great big wide world out there.
Better safe than regretful.
(*) "My niece Kara, while playing inside the yard that afternoon,had put the lead on our Cairn Terrier, (Sasha) and neglected to remove it.
That evening, I simply grabbed the already leashed dog and my flashlight to take her for a walk.
The streets are not well lit in our area, I'd had a few close calls of almost being hit by cars in the past, hence the flashlight.
While we rounded the corner, a cat popped out of nowhere and Sasha pulled powerfully on her leash and broke free.
I swiftly scooped up her dog license tag that had fallen on the sidewalk - due to the leash breaking free from her collar - and ran calling after her.
The next thing I heard was a screech of tires and a dog yelping in pain.
What I saw then was heart-breaking.
Sasha lay bleeding on the road beside a blue sedan stopped in the center of the road.
The driver was just getting out of her vehicle and at once apologized and added she simply didn't see the dog in time to dodge it.
Sasha suffered a destroyed leg and many cuts and bruises but it may possibly have been much worse.
A closer examination of Sasha's collar revealed that my niece had accidentally clipped the lead on the ring of her dog tag-not the much stronger ring intended for the leash...
Tips: (1)Expect the unexpected and be prepared.
At all times double check to make certain the leash is correctly attached to the collar of your pet.
(2)I think we all concur that being visible while walking your dog is a first-rate plan.
Be safe not sorry.
It's smart to have available a small flashlight while walking your dog at dusk but, what if your dog gets unfastened? There is an invention to be had that addresses exactly this problem.
It's in fact much safer than carrying a light at all - in reality it eliminates the need to cart one.
To find out further about it simply visit my site by clicking the link below.
We have a weakness for our pets and often consider them as one of the family.
If there are things we can do to keep our pets safer - we do them.
If there are supplements to be had to help with their well-being- we make use of them.
I'm confident you approve...
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