The Instant Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - Gift Idea

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Vinyl records and cassette tapes have soon become a thing of the past but what if you have some much cherished songs or albums that you would like to listen to on an MP3 player or on your computer? Well with the new Instant vinyl and cassette ripper the opportunity has arose for you to get those much loved songs into digital format.
Like most people did in the 1980's and 1990's you may have spent hours listening to the top 10 countdown on the radio recording the latest hits onto your cassette tape and with the introduction of the compact disc these tapes may have been pushed to the back of the cupboard or stored in the attic.
With this device you can plug it into your computer or Mac and then it will start ripping the analogue audio converting it to digital audio in formats such as WAV, MP3, ACC and WMA.
Best of all, the price is probably a lot lower than you are thinking, and this device can be yours for under £40, making it a dream gift for someone this Christmas.
Not only is it completely unique but it's lightweight and portable so if you are really struggling for ideas on what to get your father, mother or grandparents this year, you now have the answer, especially if they are slowly getting into the technological age and learning to master MP3 players and mobile phones.
So now you can start collecting your old tapes and turn them into CD's.
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