The Fastest Way To Make Him Run Back To You - Proven Steps That Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

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When your boyfriend breaks up with you, getting revenge for the hurt he is causing you, might seem like a good idea. But using dirty tricks to get your revenge will only make him resent you and pull farther away. The best way to get your revenge is to make him come running back to you. That way, you will have your satisfaction and get your ex back too. The question becomes, 'if he broke up with you how can you make him come running back'? That will not be difficult if you use these proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back.

The reason you are so desperate to get your ex back is because you feel you cannot face the future without him. All of your hopes and dreams are wrapped up in him and without him life is meaningless. You cannot possibly let him go. That causes you to want to stay close to him so he will not forget you and find someone else. But to get him back, you will have to let him go. Not forever, but just for a short while. What you are going to do is use reverse psychology on him. This will confuse him and get his attention fast because you will be doing exactly the opposite of what he expects.

As long as you chase him, he will pull away. But if you stop chasing him, show him you accept the breakup and you are moving on, he will stop pulling away. To make him think you are done with him, you need to occupy yourself with other activities. Spend time with your family and friends as you did before you became so involved in your relationship. They might be feeling neglected and will be glad to see you again. Go out with your friends and have some fun. This will let your ex see that you do not need him to have a good time.

The more you ignore him, the more he will have second thoughts about breaking up with you. He never thought you could just give him up so easily. Your ex had visions of you crying and begging him to change his mind. He could see you screaming that you could not live without him and you would love him forever. In time he might take pity on you and date you now and then, but nothing serious.  This is what he was thinking, but your actions are making him change his mind. He is beginning to realize that he does not want to face his future without you.

Your ex boyfriend is the one feeling rejected now, and his desire for you has never been greater. Soon he will not be able to stand being without you any longer and he will run back to you, vowing his undying love.
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