Feeling Stuck Today? 3 Ways to Release Old Energy

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I woke up this morning feeling really good. I did my normal morning ritual – meditating, visualizing achieving my goals, and writing in my journal. I felt great afterwards, so I thought, "Hey, I'm going to have an awesome start to the week, and flow through my day with grace and ease."

I had my day's priority list in front of me that I created the night before, so I thought, this day is going to be enjoyable. Then 20 minutes into my day, I started to feel stuck, and the feelings of negativity started to pop out of no where. Where did this come from all of a sudden, given my good start to the day?

Normally, when I start feeling negative, I allow myself to feel it, and I'm able to investigate it's root cause and then release it. This tends to happen gradually, and I I can usually sense ahead of time when these negative emotions will erupt. But today, it came up all of a sudden, so it kinda caught me off guard. I felt positive emotions and fired up for my day, then all of a sudden, I started to get knots in my stomach.

It wasn't fear, doubt, worry or anxiety that is often associated with feeling "low vibrational" energy, but rather a feeling of being "stuck" and not wanting to take any action. I felt like tar was being poured over my body, and simply couldn't move or get myself into action mode.

OK, so this was new. How do I handle this? When I started analyzing it, I noticed it started to get worse, so I just said, enough is enough. I realized I was judging it, and thereby, judging myself and beating myself up over it. This was not going to get me anywhere.

Then I realized I was overcomplicating things, and needed to keep it simple. It's just a "low charge" energy, neither good nor bad. It just is. It was most likely stuck energy inside of me that just wanted to be released, so I knew that energy was simply passing out of my physical body, and that's why I was feeling a bit "stuck". Not exactly a pleasant feeling, and I knew I didn't want to escalate that feeling into a crap day.

So rather than forcing myself through action and making this feeling go away, I allowed myself to detach from the emotion and simply observe it for what it is – energy that needed to be released.

To help keep myself detached, while purging this energy out of my system, I did the three following things:

1) Took a short walk outside my neighborhood – I allowed myself to feel this "yucky" and "icky" sensation, but at the same time, it was a beautiful day outside. I simply absorbed the beauty of the clear, blue sky, and felt the gentle breeze (gotta love the nice weather in sunny  Las Vegas!). Going for a nice walk always keeps me calmed and centered.

2) While walking, I found a small bench to sit down, and started to visualize this "yucky" energy moving away from me. I imagined myself pulling tar from my body (in this case, that feeling was that knot in my stomach), and dumping it into a bucket. Then I imagined a powerful beam of light coming in to take that tar away, and cleanse the bucket.

3) When I got back home, I started to clean up my place. Whenever I clean my place, I always feel that I'm also cleaning up my inner world at the same time. Most people don't like cleaning, but doing a bit of spring cleaning always helps me feel better.

After that, I started to feel "myself" again. I could have made myself feel a million times worse by overanalyzing my emotions, so I'm glad I kept it simple. It was just energy that needed to leave my body, so I allowed it to do so. Nothing good or bad – it just is. Now I'm easing and flowing my way into a more productive afternoon.
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